PHS Awards Assembly photos
All Photos by Jon Rehder

ASB officers for the 2020-21 school year: Madison Shears-President, Justin Lockett-Vice President, Kyleigh Duclos-Secretary, Ellea Uhlenkott-Treasurer, Ali Rehder and Hope Schwartz-Spirit Leaders

Mr. Chapman's Art award winners: Jeffrey Arnzen, Jade Gehring, Chloe Rowland, Mary Schwartz, and Kerri Villamor.

Mrs. Pitcher's Band Award winners: Anna Everson, Shae Dinning, Rebecca Jones, Pixie Jones, Kerri Villamor, and Alex McElroy

Tim Kinzer, Lewis County Cattlemen's Association President with Blake Uptmor for the LCCA scholarship award.

The Booster Club 3.75 GPA award winners presented by Glenn Poxleitner, Booster Club President. Ember Martin, Sarah Lustig, Alli Geis, Isabella Walsh, Sarah Lustig, Colton McElroy, Riley Enneking, Morgan Poxleitner, Mary Schwartz, Ambrose Nuxoll, Hope Schwartz,  Chloe Rowland, Zane Uptmor, Elle Uhlenkott, Ryan Wemhoff, Wes Munger, TJ Hibbard, Jade Gehring, Reed Chapman, Shae Dinning, Jeffrey Arnzen, Kristen Wemhoff, Tyler Wemhoff, Wade Goeckner, Julia Rehder, Will Hooper, Evan Schwartz, Amelia Uhlenkott, Zach Rambo, Laney Forsmann, Blake Uptmor, Connor Brown, Tara Schlader, Anthony Goeckner, Kyle Schwartz, Ali Rehder, Cole Martin, Dean Johnson, Madison Shears, Cole Schlader, Dalton Ross, Kyleigh Duclos, John Gehring, Leann Lightfield, Justin Lockett, Mattie Lustig, Halle Klapprich, Kerri Villamor.

Dean Johnson received the Student Booster of the Year award which was presented by Prairie Booster Club president Glenn Poxleitner.

Kyleigh Duclos was the recipient of “The Prize,” an award voted on by the student body.

Fluor Engineering Challenge award winners:  Morgan Poxleitner and Colton McElroy.

Idaho School Board Association scholarship award winner:  Halle Klapprich.

Mrs. Duclos's Knowledge Bowl team and their award certificates. Evan Schwartz, Blake Uptmor, Ambrose Nuxoll, Tyler Wemhoff, Pixie Jones, Anthony Goeckner, Remington Sprute, CiCi Chavez, Sebastian Nuxoll, Halle Klapprich, Leann Lightfield, Justin Lockett, Laney Forsmann, Amelia Uhlenkott, Kerri Villamor, Julia Rehder, Mattie Lustig, Kyleigh Duclos, Tara Schlader, Kristen Wemhoff, Elycia Graham, Riley Enneking and Mrs. Duclos (Knowledge Bowl advisor)

Kyleigh Duclos with her $750 scholarship from Vitalant with Joseph Fairbanks, Vitalant Territory Manager

Lewis County 4H Leader Council scholarship award winner:  Blake Uptmor

Mr. Elven's Algebra award winners: Ember Martin, Miranda Klapprich, Alli Geis, Meghan Fowler, Ravin Cronan, Noah Behler, and Lee Forsmann.

Mr. Elven's Geometry award winners from the 2020-21 school year: Mary Schwartz, Chloe Rowland, Colton McElroy, Zane Uptmor, Amelia Uhlenkott, Sarah Lustig, Taylor Riener, and Isabella Walsh

Mr. Elven's math award winners from last year.  Mr. Elven was unable to recognize these students due to Covid closure and not having the awards assembly: Ali Rehder, Jeffrey Arnzen, Tara Schlader, Kristen Wemhoff, Wyatt Ross, Julia Rehder, and Morgan Poxleitner.

Mrs. Duclos's Math award winners: Ali Rehder, Dalton Ross, Blake Uptmor, Evan Schwartz, John Gehring, Julia Rehder, and Tara Schlader

Mrs. Gehring's Sewing award winners: Mary Schwartz, Rebecca Jones, Sarah Lustig, Isabella Walsh, Jazmin Ove, Chayla Christopher, and Mattie Lustig  
Mrs. McLeod's Science award winners: Amborse Nuxoll, Laney Forsmann, Zane Uptmor, Morgan Poxleitner, Ali Rehder, Zach Rambo, Mrs. McLeod, Jeffrey Arnzen, Justin Lockett, Tara Schlader, Leann Lightfield, Shae Dinning, and Sarah Lustig

Cara Uhlenkott's Prairie League award winners: Ember Martin, Riley Enneking, Ali Rehder, Madison Shears, and Ellea Uhlenkott.

CHS Primeland scholarship award winners: Kyleigh Duclos and Anthony Goeckner.

Senior awards and parking lot signs: Logan Wimer, Matt Coppernoll, Lane Remacle, Zac Arnzen, Connor Schwartz, Sheldon Nuxoll, Ellea Uhlenkott, Tyler Wemhoff, Anthony Goeckner, Pixie Jones, Hunter Leal, Alissa Grossman, Mattie Lustig, Kyleigh Duclos, Kerri Villamor, Hope Schwartz, Eve Uhlenkott, CiCi Chavez, Madison Shears, Justin Lockett, Halle Klapprich, Sierra McWilliams, Dean Johnson, Leann Lightfield, Kelly Stubbers, Cole Martin, Cole Schlader, Dalton Ross, John Gehring, Wes Munger, Remington Sprute, Matthew Seubert, Blake Uptmor, and Will Hooper








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