Idaho County 4-H Spring Show is held
The annual Idaho County 4-H Spring Livestock Show was held Saturday, June 12th at the Idaho County Fair Grounds in Cottonwood. 
The day began with weighing-in the market lambs and market goats.  4-H members participated in the Livestock Judging Contest followed by Fitting & Showing and Quality classes for market beef steers, breeding beef, dairy beef, market goats, breeding goats, market lambs and breeding ewes.  Educational clinics were also held for the dog obedience, dog agility, poultry, and rabbit project members.
2021 Spring Livestock Show
Livestock Fitting & Showing and Quality

Lamb Fitting & Showing—Junior Grand Champion: Cooper Riener ; Junior Reserve Champion: John Seubert; Int. Grand Champion: Makenna York; Int. Reserve Champion: Raydin Hayes; Senior Grand Champion: Logan Calvin; Senior Reserve Champion: Kaylee Doughty; Over-All Grand Champion: Logan Calvin; Over-All Reserve Champion: Kaylee Doughty
Lamb Quality—Grand Champion: Raney Walters; Reserve Champion: Makenna York
Breeding Ewe Quality: Grand Champion: Brooke Bennett
Goat Fitting & Showing: Junior Grand Champion: Ava Klapprich; Junior Reserve Champion: Paityn Funke; Int. Grand Champion: Clarise Rehder ; Int. Reserve Champion: Kane McIntire; Senior Grand Champion: Elizabeth Severns; Senior Reserve Champion: Halle Klapprich; Over-All Grand Champion: Elizabeth Severns; Over-All Reserve Champion: Kane McIntire
Market Goat Quality—Grand Champion: Elizabeth Severns; Reserve Champion: Ayla Ratcliff
Breeding Goat Quality—Grand Champion: Elizabeth Severns; Reserve Champion: Ashlynn Campbell
Pet Goat Quality—Grand Champion: Rachel Hammond
Beef Fitting & Showing—Junior Grand Champion: Declan Schwartz; Junior Reserve Champion: Mikayla Rowland; Int. Grand Champion: Rebecca Seubert; Int. Reserve Champion: Levi Gehring; Senior Grand Champion: Mason Klapprich; Senior Reserve Champion: Hope Schwartz; Over-All Grand Champion: Mason Klapprich; Over-All Reserve Champion: Hope Schwartz
Dairy Beef Fitting & Showing—Grand Champion: Maggie Nuxoll ; Reserve Champion: Sierra Oliver
Bucket Calf  Fitting & Showing—Grand Champion: Elycia Graham
Market Beef Quality—Grand Champion: Kane McIntire; Reserve Champion: Mason Klapprich
Dairy Beef Quality—Grand Champion: Maggie Nuxoll; Reserve Champion: Zita Schmidt
Bucket Calf  Quality—Grand Champion: Elycia Graham
Livestock Judging Contest—Top Beef Judge: Rebecca Seubert; Top Sheep Judge: Rachel Sonnen; Top Over-All Judge: Rebecca Seubert.

Kane McIntire with the Grand Champion Market Steer at the 4-H Spring Livestock Show. Photo by Susie Heckman.




















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