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Redneck Review!
No. 320 - 6/13/2021
Three goals this week! 1) Wind up "Culture and Morality" as a problem today.  2) National debt increases under various presidents  Finally, 3) Comment on  "Critical Race Theory!"
Last week's RNR look at several "In the News" critical issues,  claimed that higher inflation is coming, maybe even hyperinflation!  Why? Because of Keynes and (MMT) Modern Monetary Theory claims that governments can avoid recession and depressions by an increase in the money supply! Also claimed in that last review was the U.S. is foolishly buying the failed system of Socialism while turning its back more on the common sense and historically proven system of Free Enterprise, known also as Capitalism. The system which has made our country the envy of the world with its freedom and prosperity. Time and space ran out last week before comment could be made on a fourth critical issue, that of our present state of "Culture and Morality."  Here is that comment.
Claimed here, is today's America is much different from  that of a few decades ago!  In the place of an 85% citizenry who claimed to be Bible readers and Christians of one branch or another, and who thus paid at least lip service to the Ten Commandments and to Jesus Christ Himself, that we should "Love God... and our neighbors as ourselves," we have allowed the requests of godless Marxists to use conflict and hate as a tool for the growth of Socialism and its blood brother Communism.  Consequently, we allow division; violence, and destruction to become almost common place in parts of our country today. Blame is casually placed on law officers, "politically incorrect" conservatives, and former president Donald Trump for every thing that goes wrong, while praising the "Get everything free" claim made by the historically bankrupt Socialism.  The question most pertinent here:  will enough citizens of our country wake up enough to their ensuing doom,  to take a stand and do what it takes to refuse continuing this road to disaster, or will we take our place in history as just one more gullible group who pays the price in poverty, starvation and indiscriminate death?  And necessary to add is our declining adherence to Christianity and our growing reputation as one of the world's leading tolerators of drugs, pornography, and sex traffic. The news indeed does paint a dim picture of our future!
Closely related to the above is the past record of our president's spending habits.  Research tells us that even so-called fiscally responsible Republicans have added recklessly to our very huge national debt.  Even beloved former president Ronald Reagan is listed among the top presidential spenders who added to that debt!  See for yourself who the top spenders are, but note in the details that Reagan and Trump recently lowered taxes significantly during those years, while several others had huge expenditures on top of big tax raises, or had to deal with major war budgets or national disasters like our current Covid.  Finally, note how even Reagan bought into Keynes's theories by using "Supply Side" government grants to increase supply to spur a roaring economy, while others fell for "Demand Side" grants given to the people which predictably and currently increases demand and thus has a major impact on inflation! Bottom line though, is every president in the last century has abandoned pure free enterprise and tried to improve their economy with the theory of John Maynard Keynes!
And Oh, yeh!  What about the "Critical Race Theory" which is growing in our country today like a ravenous cancer?  Is it really true that "White supremacy" is responsible for most of the problems we have today with race, and the welfare of blacks and minority groups?  Really? What about the amazing incomes of athletes!  And the support for Trump of many blacks?
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