David Sisson of Cottonwood BLM office receives award
During an evening presentation in Boise on June 12, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Archeologist David Sisson of the Cottonwood Field Office, along with Dr. Loren Davis, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Oregon State University (OSU), was presented the 2014 Idaho Historical Society’s “Esto Perpetua” award for their efforts to evaluate and preserve the archaeological resources along the Lower Salmon River. 
Named for the state motto that translates to “let it be perpetual,” the Esto Perpetua Awards were established in 1999 to honor individuals or groups for professional accomplishments, public service, volunteerism and philanthropy related to preservation and promotion of Idaho’s heritage.  
Since 1996, Davis and Sisson have headed efforts to collect, study and interpret the Lower Salmon River Canyon’s lifeways.  The culmination of their efforts has established an extraordinary record of Idaho’s past and provided important new information on early human settlement in the Western United States as well as significant data to scientists regarding climate change.  
For eleven field seasons, through a cooperative agreement with the BLM, Davis brings up to twenty students from across the United States to the remote banks of the Lower Salmon River Canyon for an eight-week archeological field school.  Through the guidance of Davis and Sisson, students uncover new clues each summer that have helped piece together the lifestyles of the people living in the Canyon thousands of years ago and how important the attributes of the Lower Salmon River Canyon were to them.   
The eight-week archeological field school gets underway in late June through the first week of August.  The public is invited to tour the operations on Wednesdays through Sundays from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and learn more about what is being discovered about the Lower Salmon River Canyon.    

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