Summit Academy honor roll and awards
10 students achieved A Honor Roll all As and no Bs at Summit Academy.
They were Lyndsie Krogh and Erin Wassmuth in the 4th grade; David Wassmuth in the 6th grade; Allycia Hale in the 9th grade; Caleb Currier, Ashlee Stubbers and Rachel Waters in the 10th grade and Rachael Frei and Michael Waters in the 12th grade.
14 additional students achieved AB Honor Roll all A or B grades no Cs.
They were Makayla Rose and Cody Wassmuth in the 3rd grade; Jade Prigge in the 4th grade; Nicholas Beckman and Jessie Sonnen in the 6th grade; Kayla Rehder in the 7th grade; Tyler Krogh and Chris Osborne in the 9th grade; Thomas Schwartz and Dean Stubbers in the 10th grade; Joshua Lustig and Megan Seubert in the 11th grade and Sarah Chmelik and Megan Rehder in the 12th grade.
Summit Academy also handed out some other awards:
The Jim and Colleen Chmelik family and the Pete and Leah Prigge family were awarded for outstanding efforts on the Hike-A-Thon fundraiser.
Dylan and Tyler Krogh each received Hoop Shoot awards from the Knights of Columbus.  They won in their age division at the State level.
Presidential Fitness Awards presented to  (this is the highest achievement level in physical fitness): Torry Chmelik, Cody Wassmuth, Lyndsie Krogh, Lane Wassmuth, Dylan Krogh, and Michael Schwartz.
National Fitness Awards presented to (this is the 2nd level of achievement in physical fitness): Helene Biltz, Thomas Rose, Kaden Krogh, Greta Watson, Phil Schwartz, Sarah Waters, Julia Wassmuth, Sydney Krogh, Noah Beckman, Levi Wassmuth, Noah Watson, Makayla Rose, Noelle Biltz, Luke Stubbers, Jade Prigge, Hope Schwartz, Jessie Sonnen, Kelly Stubbers, Erin Chmelik, Lexi Currier, Taylor Lustig and Lauren Stubbers.

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