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To the Editor
“Leave Her Alone. Sweep your Own Porch!”
Like Frederick Bastiat observed: Too many men and women in the world place themselves above mankind.  Nationally and statewide, they are among elected officials, sponsors, organizers, institutions, agencies, and us.  Instead of reinforcing personal responsibility, they make a career of telling others what to do.  My attitude towards such people is best illustrated by this story:  One day a traveler arrived in a village where a beautiful girl was recently born.  ‘Distinguished visitors’, elbowing the parents away from their daughter, surrounded the child.  They were soothsayers, magicians, and quacks; armed with rings, hooks, and cords.  One said, “This child will never smell the perfume of peace unless I stretch her nostrils”.  The next said, “She will never hear unless I draw her ear lobes to her shoulders”.  Another said, “She will never think unless I flatten her head”.  A fourth cried, “She will never be pretty unless I wrap her feet”.  Finally, the last pronounced, “She may cough someday.  I will mask her face.”   Suddenly, the traveler yelled, “STOP!  THIS is wrong!  Allow the child’s parents to stand forth!  What the Almighty has done is well enough.  Let this child grow by her current organs and develop by experience and liberty! She has received faculties, thoughts, and reason that are sufficient for her to grow, develop, and shape herself.  Away with you imposters, you soothsayers, magicians, and quacks!  Away with your rings, hooks, cords, and theories that void experience!  Away with you bemused manipulators who civically set yourselves up like gods on earth.  Away with your society of ‘elite-ness’, your centralizations, socializations, and ‘controlling whims’ of ‘non-essential’.  Away with your irresponsible ‘debt ridden’ prosperity, pious moralizations, false philanthropy, false safety, greed,  your ‘government’ businesses, arbitrary regulations, and ‘equalization’ by taxation.  And if elected, away with you for you are 180 degrees from your Oath of Office!  Be gone with you who have so futilely failed in systems for those whom you profess to help. May you end where you should have begun; by considering liberty, the works of the Almighty, and sweeping your own porch before sweeping another’s porch”. 
Scott Perrin
Cottonwood, Idaho

Redneck Review!
No. 321 - 6/20/2021
It is decision time again! For every issue of these RNR's, the problem weekly is to keep a healthy balance between news considered negative on the one side and positive on the other! Some balance is sorely needed to maintain reader interest and support!
On the negative side, what to mention?  News from our southern border does not sound good, as the powers that be and that are in control of our country struggle with an ever-increasing flood of immigrants pouring into our country. Not only the distressed folks we traditionally have welcomed here, but also those associated with the increased proof that we are allowing in drugs, child traffickers, outright enemies of our country and our way of life, as well as criminal types mixed in with the mob.  And lurking behind it all, is the apparent welcome that has been extended to these hundreds by our current administration!  And of course, we dare not forget the encouragement they are getting from the one-worlder, open-border supporters who brazenly advertise that our country should be open to all and willing to share our wealth with anyone from anywhere who wants to enjoy the blessings they believe can be found here!
And of course, any proud American has to struggle with the new effort to rewrite our country's history by claiming that 1619 should be recognized as our founding year, as evidence exists that black slaves were first introduced in our country at about that time.  Add to that the current rage claiming  that "white supremacy" has been and is still guilty of suppressing minority groups like native Indians, blacks, and other non-white inhabitants of our country.
And do not ignore the recent effort of our administration to pass a $6 trillion rebuild plan, which would threaten our current national debt to blow by 30 trillion like a summer breeze!  Disregard we are asked to do, that it takes 1000 millions to make a billion and then 1000 of those billions to make one trillion, and we are already around 27 trillion in debt at the national level! Causes a person to wonder how much debt each citizen of our United States would be accumulating if we actually owed that much as a nation!  Wow!  Doing the math, and using our 2021 population figures, roughly 333,000,000 (333 million) people, each one of us, man, woman and child would be in hock around $100,000! (Adding the $6 trillion to the existing $27 trillion would mean dividing a $33 trillion debt by 333 million people = $99,099!)  All I know it would take me  a long time to pay off my share if it were ever considered possible!
Enough!  Space rapidly running out! So time for the good news!  Sitting outside last evening while my crawling sprinkler worked hard to supply much needed water to our parched lawn, one after the other thoughts passed through my mind!  Where can all of this water come from, needed by the 333 million people that live on this planet?  What about the incredible amount of fuel needed to power our vehicles, our homes, our toys, our factories?  Especially, since in 1960, we were told that our fossil fuel supply WOULD BE GONE by 2000!  More questions came to my suddenly inquisitive mind!  From where came the breeze that made that evening so pleasant? What accounts for the predictable weather changes from winter to summer and back? Why in the huge space we occupy, with the trillions of other planets and galaxies, and stars, are we now being told by some astronomers that only earth has the capacity to support life as we live it.  An entire video watched here just weeks ago dared to make that claim! And even if not true, then what about the claims by other astronomers that there are statistically many millions of other planets in this big known universe that might be capable of sustaining life as we live it? Take your pick, either theory is mind blowing!  Myself, I believe the only answer can be,  there is an infinite God, an ultimate creator and lawgiver in charge!
Jake Wren














Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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