Pop! Fizz! Camp Day
On Thursday, June 19th,  “Mad Scientist” Dr. Stingleflurp visited the Prairie Community Library to share his favorite story “The Secret Science Project that Almost Ate the School” and do a few experiments with the children who were participating.  All the children who registered received a packet which included a reading calendar and stickers with an explanation of the summer program.  
Approximately 25 children joined in on the first session of the Summer Reading Program at the library.  After registering, they played “Burst the Atom” and the “Magnified Objects” games; winners for the girls was McKayla Rose and for the boys was Tyler Wemhoff.  Then all the children, before meeting the mad scientist, made their own scientist costumes: crazy hair, lab coats, science bag, and goggles.  Then, dressed up, they met Dr. Stingleflurp (A.K.A. Joseph Halligan) who read to them.  The children were then divided into teams and with Dr. Stingleflurp leading each team, made some eggs float, tried turning film canisters into rockets and finally, watched as Dr. Stingleflurp added Mentos to Coke to cause a geyser!  Fun was had by all.
Next week, the theme will be the Backyard Naturalist.  Our focus will be BUGS!  Each child is asked to bring one bug to the library.  Everyone is encouraged to read and work to meet their summer goals!  We also are in need of 20 oz. clear, empty, plastic bottles.  You may drop them off at the library anytime this week. 

A couple of photos from the first Summer Reading day of the summer held at Prairie Community Library last Thursday, June 19. Photos by Shelley Schlader.

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