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Redneck Review!
No. 322 - 6/27/2021
Continuing the last paragraph of last week's review ending: "Sitting outside last evening...on after another thoughts passed through my mind.. ", questions about sources of the huge water and fuel used daily in our country and our world, the size of the universe, the unexplained ability of our little planet earth's ability to meet our needs, and other random thoughts... all caused me at the time to ponder where it all came from and what the source could be!   With these ideas still lingering in my mind, the following afterthoughts are continued below!
1)      The slow but obvious movement away from an almost universal belief in a supreme being of some kind or another in our past history to a growing belief in secularism and atheism today baffles me and bodes no good for our country and our world!
No argument needed! History tells the true story that virtually every civilization in the past held a belief in some kind of a supreme being responsible for everything and in need of recognition by we dependent humans below.
Disagreements on the identity of such an entity existed of course, differing all the way from planet worship, sun, moon, stars, to the multiple gods of Rome and Greece, Hinduism, Brahma, the Great Spirit in America, and on and on, differing a bit in detail of course, but all characterized by the belief that such an entity or entities existed, and we humans were dependent on them in some way, and owed them recognition of some kind! And history also documents that the Christianity started by the God Man, Jesus Christ, has been a powerful influence in the world and especially in our country, and has had a large role in our becoming the most prosperous and also the most free people recorded there in history!
History also acknowledges atheism, and its blood brother, secularism, only got a national start with the communist take over of Russia in 1917, just a bit over 100 years ago, and that its growth worldwide has been phenomenal, and is today even threatening our United States! This fast growing and popular movement depends upon the lure of free this and free that, and  depends upon conflict and hate to achieve its final objective - an earthly utopia inhabited by people who all share alike in the earth's resources.
Basic to this belief is that no man should be subjected to rules and commands from an outside  source, and that everyone should be allowed to live according to his or her own wishes! Sounds great, but common sense, and history prove it is all a tragic nightmare!
2) Just plain common sense, and a thoughtful consideration of the universe and world we live in should convince anyone of the need for an all powerful creator and designer of everything! And that certainly includes the miracle of life which each of us demonstrates! That's what loomed so forcefully in my mind as I sat enjoying the evening outside last week!
One old "proof' of the existence of an all powerful creator and law giver, ignored today, goes as follows: Imagine the most intricate piece of machinery you can imagine, or the most accurate clock, then try to convince someone or anyone that the item slowly evolved or developed over time, arriving eventually at the finished project you see before you! Or why not simply ask this question of anything, alive or inert: could it exist today without someone or something giving it form or structure? Can anyone of us think of any thing we can imagine just appearing in its final form without a designer or builder! What about the home you live in, or the car you drive? But then, ask yourself, could any single human being, or our universe in its immensity, simply plop into existence, or even slowly evolve without a master planner or designer? So how much sense does it make to deny such a source, and put all our faith in other humans like ourselves?
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