Student awards listed
St. John Bosco Academy gave out student awards last week at the school.
Making the A Honor Roll were Megan Walker, Jade Prigge, Erin Wassmuth, Luke Stubbers, Rachel Sonnen, Sara Waters, Augustin Nuxoll, Catherine Seubert, Nathan Wassmuth, Catherine Beckman, Pierce Frei, Madeline Wassmuth, Clayton Baldwain, John Paul Seubert, William Sonnen, Joseph Waters, Gretel Frei, Audra Spencer, Madeline Stubbers, Cassidy Bock, Oniece Edmonds, Ella Enneking, Kaelyn Lustig and Brooklyn Spencer.
Making the AB Honor Roll were Dani Sonnen, Torry Chmelik, Cody Wassmuth, Dustin Kaschmitter, Julia Wassmuth, Henry Baldwain, Miah Mager, Audrey Warren, Cody Bekcman, Wyatt Crea, Simon Hagen, Agustus Hagen, Isaiah Warren, Marie Duman, Kolby Nuxoll, Lucas Beckman, Cecilia Nuxoll, Gabriel Seubert and Joshua Warren.
Receiving Presidential Fitness Awards were Joseph Waters, Cody Weckman, Catherine Beckman, Pierce Frei, Noelle Chmelik, Oniece Edmonds, Torry Chmelik, Decklan Spencer and Scarlett Frei.
Receiving National Fitness Awards were John Paul Seubert, William Sonnen, Isaiah Warren, Syringa Wells Sanford, Audrey Warren, Miah Mager, Cecilia Remacle, Brianne Nuxoll, Madeline Wassmuth, Augustin Nuxoll, Sarah Waters, Rachel Sonnen, Eli Hinds, Samuel Weckman, Thomas Rose, Brooklynn Spencer, Cecilia Nuxoll, Ella Enneking, Cassidy Bock, Charlie Baldwin, Danny Bock, Aidan Lustig, Gianna Prigge, Emily Seubert, Tessa Sonnen, Levi Wassmuth, Clay Weckman, Sheldon Wells Sanford, Makayla Rose, Luke Stubbers, Cody Wassmuth, Joshua Warren, Gabriel Seubert, Lucas Beckman, Marek Wimer, Tyler Nuxoll, Micah Hinds, Gretel Frei, Kolby Nuxoll, Audra Spencer and Madeline Stubbers.
Justin Dempsey Scholarship winners were Madeline Wassmuth and Jade Prigge.
Hike-a-Thon Family winners were the Justin Nuxoll Family and the Norm Sonnen Family.

Senior class achievements listed
Individual awards for the seniors for achievement during high school years in this school and previous schools:
Megan Walker: Valedictorian, Honors, 20 Hours of Apostolic Hours, 2 years of Drama
Clarissa Stevens: Salutatorian, Honors, Idaho County Light and Power scholarship, Idaho County Fair Royalty Scholarship, 2019, Distinguished Young Women of the Camas Prairie, 2021, 20 Hours of Apostolic Hours, 3 years of Drama, 1 year of Student Government, 2 years of Soccer, 3 years of Dance
Wyatt Weckman: 20 hours of Apostolic Hours, 3 years of Basketball, 1 year of Drama, 1 year of Academic Bowl, 3 years of Football, 1 year of Swim team, 3 years of Baseball
And now for the prestigious Graduation Awards. These are voted on by the Faculty and Staff.
The St. John Bosco Award: To the Senior who is always pleasant, in both good times and bad.  This individual always has a smile on his/her face and has good words for all occasions. This person has a constant pleasant nature. This person reaches out to fellow students, teachers, and the general community to meet the needs of others and to make everyone feel welcome. This is the senior who displays the best overall attitude.  2021 St. John Bosco Award- Clarissa Stevens
The Patriot Award: To the Senior we can always rely on to work hard in all academic areas.  This Senior has improved throughout the years due to his/her effort and determination.  This person can be found very graciously volunteering to help out in many ways. His/her strong work ethic is a great example for all students. 2021 Patriot Award- Wyatt Weckman
The Excelsior Award: To the overall Senior student who has grown in all four areas of formation we stress.  This student is the most balanced intellectually, spiritually, apostolically, and humanly.  For the class of 2021, this Senior sums up the “Excelsior” spirit of Summit in all he/she does.  This senior deserves the highest honor overall. 2021 Excelsior Award- Wyatt Weckman

The graduates flip their tassels after being certified.

Megan Walker gives her valedictory address.

Clarissa Stevens gives her Salutatory address.

Warren Stevens was the Commencement Speaker.

Michael Stevens provided music during graduation.

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