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Redneck Review!
No. 323 - 7/4/2021
Well,  here we are, half way through another year we knew was going to be very interesting! Will the Corona "Covid" virus continue to die out, or will it return with a vengeance like the common flu tends to do as we head into winter? Is there any chance that an investigation going on currently will prove that it was deliberately started and set loose by Communist China? Even more ominous is the internet rumor that another relative to this virus, "Sars IV" is being developed with the intention of it being released in our next presidential election year, 2024! A Merriam-Webster definition of "SARS" (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) found on Google - "A severe respiratory illness that is caused by a coronavirus." Well, who knows?
Will the current flood of immigrants across our southern border prove to be historically just a continuation of our gracious acceptance of desperate people who have contributed heavily in the past to our rich "melting pot" of people of all races and beliefs that has much to do with our becoming the richest and free-est country in history or on earth?  Or will the future record that it has also allowed criminal types and political enemies bent on destroying us to come into our country in record numbers?
Will the slowly mounting evidence that elections in several states like Arizona were tampered enough to change the outcome of 2020 local and even possibly the national election? Is there any chance that election reforms can take place in time to insure the 2022 midterm elections will be decided only by legitimate American citizens?  And the list of challenges goes on!
One thing is certain and there can be no controversy!  Our future in this country and maybe in the world will be decided by the war that is going on today by two opposing philosophies of life and reality!
On the one side and the more traditional one in our country is the way of life associated with the 2000 year old religion, Christianity, started by the historical God man, Jesus Christ and the Bible account of the Hebrew nation that led up to HIS birth. Fundamental to this movement is the well recognized Ten Commandments, and the GREATEST commandment in HIS own words; "Love God with your whole heart and soul, and your neighbor as yourself." Thus HIS followers believe that all are children of a creator God, and that all were redeemed by HIS Son's voluntary and horrible death on a cross, opening for all who choose HIS call to LOVE an immortal life after death in "the many mansions" in the paradise prepared by the Father. This system places stress on each person's proper use of free will, logically developing  into our free enterprise system,  the envy of the world because of our unequaled freedom and prosperity!
Documented repeatedly in past RNR articles, is the growing and opposing philosophies of atheism and  secularism,  both denying the influence of any god in the lives of mankind! Using socialism as an intermediate step away from a dependence on a god of any kind, this relatively new movement places all faith in the ability of man himself to create a type of earthly utopia, where all can share equally in the good things of earth. Thus all people  are lured away from the need to be individually responsible for oneself and neighbor, and led to believe that property ownership, and the profit motive are the sources of world problems. To destroy these two characteristics of the American system, deliberate conflict between owners and workers is required with hate needed to replace the love stressed by Christianity's founder Christ. Could it be that the battle today seems to be going the way of this upstart and phony philosophy?
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