DMV fees go up
Fees for standard Idaho driver’s licenses, identification cards and instruction permits increased by $5 as of July 1, 2021.  A $2 fee increase for knowledge tests also took place.
The 2021 Idaho Legislature passed House Bill 161 to increase funding to the county sheriffs’ offices, which issue driving credentials on behalf of the State. The purpose of this change in fees, which have not increased in over 30 years, is to offset administrative costs.
The new fees are:
        Class D (3-year) license — under age 18 years - $30
        Class D (3-year) license — age 18 to 21 years - $30
Class D (1-year) license — age 17 years or age 20 years - $20
Four-year Class D license — age 21 years and older - $35
Eight-year Class D license — age 21 to 63 years - $60
Class D instruction permit or supervised instruction permit - $20
Duplicate driver’s license or permit issued under section 49-318 Idaho Code - $20
License classification change (upgrade) - $30
Endorsement addition - $20
Knowledge test - $5
Seasonal driver’s license - $44
4-year ID card - $15
8-year ID card - $25
Additional laws going into effect on July 1 impacting the public or the operation of the DMV are:
House Bill 96: Driver’s license suspended for failure to pay child support
o Drivers licenses suspended for failure to pay child support can now petition the court to issue a temporary restricted driver’s license. The purpose of the legislation is to help citizens maintain and secure employment to meet child support obligations.
Senate Bill 1102: Electronic vehicle registration
o Vehicle dealerships will have the ability to electronically register customers’ vehicles. The legislation aims to increase customer service, reduce lines at DMVs and decrease administrative costs for county assessors’ offices. The public will have the ability to utilize this service before the end of the year 2021.




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