Photos from the Kuther Family Reunion
The Kuther family reunion was held on Saturday, July 10 in Ferdinand Idaho. The first Kuther reunion was held in 1958 and has been held every three years thereafter.  Joseph and Antoinnette Kuther had eight children born as follows--Len, 1920; Cletus, 1921; Eugene (Pooch), 1923, Elaine, 1925; Marie, 1926; Kathryn (Katsie), 1930--living, Toni, 1932--living, and Marlene, 1934.  Some family members moved to Oregon and families alternated reunions every three years from Oregon and Idaho. This year there were roughly 175 family members at the reunion.  There was traditional food, parade and Idaho v Oregon softball game, and talent show.  "A good time was had by all" to quote Eva Herzog.  Aunt Katsie's family was the only family unable to attend.

The Cletus Kuther family.

The Elaine Kuther family

The only attendee from the Eugene "Pooch" Kuther family.

The Len Kuther family.

The Marie Kuther family.

The Marlene Kuther family.

The Toni Kuther family.

Several more photos of the Kuther Parade.











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