4 vie for Fair Royalty
Four young ladies will compete to be a part of the 2022 Idaho County Fair Royalty.
They are Riley Enneking, Chloe Rowland and Jazmin Ove, all of Cottonwood and Kaylee Graves of Kooskia.
The current royalty and the candidates will get together for a barbecue this Wednesday and the Royalty Luncheon, where the candidates will be judged, will be Wednesday, August 4 at Grangeville.
The winners will be crowned Friday, August 20, at the Idaho County Fair.

Riley Enneking

Riley Enneking is the 16 year old daughter of Bob and Jennifer Enneking of Cottonwood. She will be a junior this fall at Prairie High School.
She is member of HOSA and Prairie League at school and also 4-H and Catholic Youth Group outside of school.
Past fair involvement includes Mod Squad, Cloverbud Dog project; 7 years of Market Beef, 1 year of Market Lamb, Cake Decorating, Making the Most of Me and Citizenship Washington Focus.
She works Sundays at Keuterville Pub & Grub and as a farm hand on the family farm.
She enjoys sports, drawing, camping and hunting.
After high school she plans on attending Idaho State University for Physical Therapy.
Three life goals are to become a physical therapist, becoming top in her field and starting a family.
She feels her strongest personal quality is her helpfulness. She has a natural desire to help others and see them succeed.
The most important thing in her life is her family. She can always count on their support, even on bad days, and wouldn’t be where she is today without them.
Her parents are Bob and Jennifer Enneking. She has an older brother, Payton, and a younger brother, Jackson.
She has lived in Idaho County all her life.

Chloe Rowland

Chloe Rowland is the 16 year old daughter of Brent and Tara Rowland of Cottonwood. She is be a junior this fall at Prairie High School.
She has a long list of youth organizations and activities including: High School basketball, volleyball, HOSA and Prairie League. In 4-H she belongs to the Cottonwood Saddliers 4-H Club. She has also been part of the Fair’s Ambassador program, the Idaho State Leadership Now! Program 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus, 4-H State Teen Association Steering Committee and State Teen Association Northern District Representative.
Past Fair involvement includes 8 years of open class, 8 years of Fair Parade; 4 years of Market Beef, 2 years of Market Lamb, 3 years on Fashion Board, 8 years of Fashion show, 8 years of family consumer science and miscellaneous projects. And 2 years on Mod (Members of Distinction) Squad.
For employment she has been babysitting for 4 years and has been working at Cottonwood Livestock Auction for 2 years.
She likes to hunt, fish, do cake and cupcake decorating, art, and send time with family and friends.
After high school she plans to go to nursing school and earn her RN degree then continue her education and specialize in labor and delivery nursing.
3 life goals include doing everything to the best of her ability and with compassion and be a positive role model; to become part of the Idaho County Fair Royalty; and to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse.
She feels her strongest quality is her ability to be a leader as well as a team player. Her leadership style is she likes to work with others rather than dictate to them. You also need to know when its okay to step back and let someone else take the reins.
The most important thing in her life besides God, is to have such an amazing family. During quarantine she saw a lot of people complaining about having to be stuck with their family for so long and she couldn’t relate to that at all.
Her family consists of here mom and dad (Brent and Tara) and little sisters Halee and Mikayla. She also includes their dog Maverick and favorite cat Luna.
She has lived in Idaho County for 10 years. Her family moved to Cottonwood from Twin Falls when she was 6 and going into first grade.

Jazmin Ove

Jazmin Ove is the 15 year old daughter of Sheila Ove of Cottonwood. She will be a sophomore at Prairie High School this fall.
Youth organizations and activities include drama, choir and cheerleading.
She is new to the area and was unable to participate in the Fair in the past but is looking forward to participating this upcoming years.
She works at Mager Bargains in Cottonwood.
She enjoys playing the piano, singing, acting, writing and soccer.
After high school she would like to go to college and ten pursue a career in either acting or family therapy.
Her 3 life goals are to go to college, graduate and then pursue her career.
She feels her strongest quality is that she is very friendly and approachable. She is really nice and easy to get along with and people don’t have a problem approaching her.
Most important to her in her life is her family because they have always been there for her and supported her in the things she does. No matter what she feels family should come first.
She has 4 sisters and 4 brothers. Her dad left when she was 3 years old so her mom Sheila raised all 9 of them by herself.
She has lived in Idaho County for almost 9 months.

Kaylee Jane Graves

Kaylee Graves is the 15 year old daughter of Doug and Susan Graves of Kooskia. She attends Clearwater Valley High School.
She belongs to the Clearwater Valley Bible Church Youth Group, Kids for the Community, KYRO softball and 4-H.
She is going into her fifth year in 4-H involvement with the Fair.
She is currently babysitting for a family with 3 children.
She enjoys skiing and ice skating and also enjoys participating in sports such as tennis and volleyball.
After high school she plans to go to college at UFI or WSU to pursue a career in either a dental or medical field.
Three life goals are 1) get a good education so she can pursue a job/career that will help others; 2) be supportive of her family in both education and in activities they would like to pursue; and 3) stay close to friends and family.
She feels her strongest personal quality is her open-mindedness because she is always willing to try new things.
The most important thing in her life are her family and friends because they are always pushing her to try new things. They are always there for her if she needs help with something.
Her family consists of many people. They may have different ideas about certain subjects but are always supportive of new things they try.
She has lived in Idaho County for 12 years.





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