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Redneck Review!
No. 326 - 7/25/2021
Time for a change! With the following article, taken from a Cottonwood Chronicle, July 1983 comment on education found under the title LET FREEDOM RING, readers will see a three week switch from the problems of today, to the issues of yesterday!  We quote!
"How true it is!  It seems only yesterday that the group of graduates who marched across the stage, representing the class of '83," (This year May, 2021), came into high school.
"It seems only a heartbeat or two earlier they had made their first grade debut, with faces shining and fingers scrubbed! Yet there they were, all in unison, flipping their tassels from right to left signifying the end of their childhood and determined to take on the challenges of the adult world. We wish them well and pray that God be with them.
"It's comforting to know that eager young faces are entering the mainstream of daily life, with them a new wave of youthful enthusiasm. Sometimes for older folks, the daily struggle wears them down, and without the constant reinforcement of these new individuals... perhaps a lot more of us would simply give up and quit!  But time does teach some things, so to you new school year students and recent grads, we make these few suggestion!
"No. 1: Be HONEST!  Honesty is most certainly a basic foundation material if you are ever to amount to anything in  your own eyes or in the eyes of others.  It is most definitely the key to the building of your reputation! Without it, you are nothing, with it you can go far,  whatever you do! So never compromise in this matter!  Be totally honest in whatever you do.  Even when it hurts! Be so honest in fact that you will have to admit perfect honesty is difficult to achieve! But try it anyway! The peace of mind it brings, and the inside track it gives you in the world of work and every day living make it most important.
"No. 2: Be CHEERFUL!  Things get rough at times, but life goes on regardless, so be of good cheer always!  No matter how difficult the day or weeks, or the future may seem, you might as well face it full of cheer! What will be will be, and no amount of worrying or fretting has been known to solve anything anyway!   So be determined to be cheerful at all times!  Life's problems large and small will seem to melt away and all around you will be encouraged by your presence!
"No. 3: Be APPRECIATIVE!  Face it folks! We are still the most fortunate folks on earth! The past cannot produce a group of human beings more blessed than us!  We fret about war while others die in battle. We gripe about food while others starve. We waste massive amounts of rubber and gasoline while most of the world still walk. We gripe about taxes, sitting in front of high-priced entertainment centers, and often take delight watching others brutalized on screen, while we sit back in peace and security!  So, be appreciative! Fine tune your feelings to know how others feel! As an old Indian saying sort of goes, 'Walk in the moccasins of others!'
"No. 4: WORK HARD! Experience teaches the old saying: 'Genius is 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration.'  Nothing stops a determined hard working person. So work hard and do each job well, and the satisfaction you will feel is its own reward.
"Finally:  REMEMBER DEATH!  No one escapes it! Remember the long term human belief that beyond the grave is a better world, where justice reigns, the good are rewarded, and the wicked punished!  So be wise young folks!  In the days ahead, be wise in your actions!  Leave the world a better place because of you!  Face the future with faith and courage!  And God be with you!"
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