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Redneck Review!
No. 328 - 8/8/2021
Two weeks ago, in RNR 326, the claim made was, it's  "Time for a change!"  That the next three articles  here would be taken from LET FREEDOM RING! from  the 1980's, instead of "the issues of today!"  Here is that #3 article from the Aug. 22, 1985 Cottonwood Chronicle.
"Hard it is to believe, Folks, but it is that time again!  Very shortly students of all sizes and shapes and every degree of enthusiasm or lack of it will be back in the classroom once again. Another school year is almost upon us."  (And we hope it will go here  as well as last year!)
"But before that day actually begins, it behooves us to consider carefully the OPPORTUNITY a school year represents to the young person involved.  And all of us, students, parents, and teachers should do this careful considering!
"For age brings a type of subtle wisdom, and contained therein is the ever growing realization that school represents OPPORTUNITY, and an old saying says 'Opportunity knocks only once!' Daily almost in the tough economy we deal with, a brutal lesson is pounded home to us older folks, that education, work experience, and... the willingness to learn and work hard are vital ingredients in making a living and perhaps having some chance to getting ahead. So you see school is not just a matter of learning math, history, or grammar facts.  Quite the contrary, it really is an OPPORTUNITY to establish habits of learning and working hard, an opportunity to build a REPUTATION which will serve you when times get tough and competition stiffens.
"Repeatedly older people in general and teachers in particular are asked their opinion of this young person or that.   And always the response which follows relates to the same things.
"Is the person honest? Responsible? Can he/she be counted on coming to work on time, and is there regularly?  Can the person follow directions? Can you give him/her a set of directions and leave, confident the job will get done and get done well? Does the person get along with other people? Can he/she stick to the task when the going gets tough?
"Just think for a moment about the similarity between success in school and in the real world.
Both involve an ability to adapt to new situations.  No individual likes to be told to do something contrary to their own wishes.  But life like school makes daily demands that require putting aside one's likes for the good of the rest, and harmony of the group. Anything that a student can learn in school along these lines will serve them well in real life situations later on...
"Now how about the little matter of REPUTATION?  Now life and school are much alike in this matter also! OPPORTUNITY offered or denied is often a direct consequence of REPUTATION! And what better OPPORTUNITY to build an excellent REPUTATION than school, where habits are formed and attitudes are created which last a lifetime?  How better to build a REPUTATION that one can be proud of than to make use of the school OPPORTUNITY?  To demonstrate a willingness to learn and work hard to prove one's reliability and dependability, to show that one is honest and concerned?     Students, much more could be said, but saying does not count!
"What matters is action, and you are the only one who can take action and profit from the results! So waste not the OPPORTUNITY school affords you this fall, dig in and make this the best year in your life to date!  You will be amazed at the transformation of everything around you should everyone do the same! So dig in and do the job and watch incredible results roll in!"
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