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Redneck Review!
No. 329 - 8/15/2021
So much for the three weeks recently spent discussing the importance of the up coming school year and the opportunity it gives each of our children attending  there a chance to develop skills and habits which can be of great use in the future.  And important it is, because in these crazy times we live in, opportunities for our youth are everywhere!
In these RNR's we have noted news articles posted everywhere of employers struggling to get the help they need to keep operating.  Stores locally, motels, contractors, have all been strangled with lack of help. Witness a Grangeville retirement home, near capacity in recent years, now forced to close one of their two units for lack of help. Restaurants and cafe's hit with the same problem. In some cases, help seems to come for a time, but then mysteriously is gone, sometimes in only a few days.  HELP WANTED signs - everywhere, not only in our local area, but news reports tell us that this is really a national problem.
What is going on in this land we are so fortunate to live in?  Could it be that the news heard recently that our food stamp program, growing significantly, has anything to do with this unwillingness to work?  Could the unprecedented stimulus payments and other handouts that flood across America like a tsunami be a cause of this unusual phenomenon? Can it have anything to do with the growing subsidized housing found all around the country where national assistance programs provide reduced price homes for people to rent and even to buy?  And what is to happen with our government's restriction on owners of apartments and homes who are unable to require payments for homes sold or rented to occupants? And OH YEH!  What have the countless  FREE, FREE, FREE FREE  ads which clutter TV these days, programs which have everything FREE, provided of course your income is low enough? And dare I mention our benevolent government now offers a monthly income to families, traditional, single, or paired male-male, or female-female, $300 for every child up to five we are told, and I repeat MONTHLY,  and a smaller amount for children on up a bit more in age?  Tell me this is not true!  I do believe that it only applies to incomes below a set figure, millionaires do not get it!!  Or do they? Reasonable question, because the wealthy do get their share of handouts!
I suspect that this could be President Biden's anti abortion policy! Most Americans know that abortions, at least late term and the after birth deaths,  are not favored by most voters! And why do I say this, though admittedly with tongue in cheek?  Because if you are single and find you have an unwanted pregnancy, why not abort the abortion and bring the new born to term, and collect the monthly stipend? Am I stupid to think this might be an incentive?
And the list goes on and on!  Unbelievable numbers of immigrants flooding our southern border, many young and middle aged men, from anyone of 150+ countries it has been documented! Untested for Covid, not forced to wear masks, then spread all over the country!  What!  Is this insane?  What about the thousands of children stacked at the border like cordwood? And, O yes!  We citizens will be told again to WEAR MASKS to do anything in this country! And we MUST GET VACCINATED, even though 1) Evidence abounds that some lack effectiveness, some are killing people, causing blood clots, etc. And 2) Large numbers have natural immunity because they have survived the Covid already!  Besides, who should make the decision about MY NEED or anyones's for that matter, to be vaccinated, or get a heart transplant or a new hip, or take a certain medicine.  Just who should make these decisions? And what about the
pressure to put all children in masks!  That IS insanity!  And folks!  This is just the beginning! More things that make no sense in this land of the free and the fortunate and the prosperous stare at us everyday!   So, more to come on these subjects in the days to come!
Jake Wren






















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