School Board meets
The re-entry plan for the 2021-22 school year was discussed at the August meeting of the school board Monday, August 16, and it will look a lot like last year.
Superintendent Jon Rehder said he attended a District 2 superintendent’s meeting on August 10 where they met with Carol Moehrle of the North Central District Health Department. He said from the data she has there is no evidence of transmission of Covid from desk touching, eating together in the cafeteria or paper or book touching. He recommends the district stay with last year’s plan where masks are encouraged and recommended but not required. As to vaccinations, he doesn’t want to deal with asking students whether they are vaccinated or not. He feels that is none of his business.
He asked Moehrle what the symptoms have been of children who have tested positive in our local district. She said sore throat, headache and cough, no hospitalizations so far. From the end of July through August 2 there were 5 children who have tested positive in the local health district.
In other business the board approved the bus routes for 2021-22. See below.
They also approved authorization of teacher to new for Carmen Sangster, Casey Walker and Kim Harman as each pursues completing certification for the positions they will be teaching.
The District and school handbooks were approved. Rehder and Jr./Sr. High School Principal Matt Elven both shared the changes they made.
The schedules were approved for the Elementary and the Jr./Sr. High School.’
Rehder shared the agenda for the District Back to School meeting which is set for August 24-25.
Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) regulations were approved. This is something districts have to do every year.
In the final action item on the agenda, Daphne Hanson was approved for hire as the new 7th grade girls basketball coach. Elven said a plus with her hire is that she is one of the back-up bus drivers and so will be able to drive the bus for the 7th and 8th grade girls games.
In his first principal’s report Elven wanted to recognize the efforts of Laurie Lorentz, Rick Forsmann and Sierra McWilliams in getting the school cleaned and ready for students.
The athletic meeting went will with 73 students attending.
Current turnouts for volleyball are 30 players with 25 out for football, 6 out for crosscountry and 3 for cheerleading. These numbers may go up due to students helping with harvest that were unable to get a ride to practice.
He has been working with Walco to get the dumpsters upgraded at the high school. The lower one has been replaced and they are in the process of replacing the upper one.
Quality Heating was in to replace two thermostats and were to replace the compressor in the band room this week.
Registration was set for Tuesday, Aug. 17.
A back to school assembly will be held Sept. 1. They are still finalizing details.
They are planning a blood drive for Sept. 21 from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. If they get 60 total donors at the September and March blood drives they will have the opportunity to receive another $2,000 STEM grant.
Picture day has been set for Sept. 8. Packets will be sent home on Friday, Sept. 3.
Elven reported there is interest in restarting a wrestling program. He has had 3 inquiries  about a coaching position even though so far none has been advertised. Apparently there are 10 athletes interested. He is looking into the logistics such as facility use for practice and equipment.
In his Elementary report Rehder said summer school wrapped up July 22. He is looking into seeing if it is something we would need next year. There are still learning loss moneys to cover costs if necessary.
Part of the boys locker room space has been converted into paraprofessional work spaces. They are looking at adding lockable doors so teams using the locker rooms won’t be able to access them.
In his facilities report he said the current phase of Elementary flooring has been completed. Next phase will be next summer.
The gym floors have been redone at all 3 gyms. It took just 2 days to complete them all.
The 17’x66’ foot section of sod has been removed for a concrete slab next to the K-1 wing. One portion has already been poured.
Jack Duman completed painting 6 more doors for the Elementary and Rick Forsmann and Sierra McWilliams have installed them.
The new sprinklers at the football field have made a huge difference.
The water and sewer is now all hooked up at the Auxiliary gym. The restrooms will need to be thoroughly cleaned before they can be used.
Carpet squares will be added to the ramp leading from the cafeteria to the gym during Christmas break. They weren’t able to get them done this summer.
The upper hallway classroom floors at the Elementary will be done next summer.
He got a quote to install a 4-foot chain link fence around the long jump and pole vault pits at the track. They have had people drive their vehicles across the runways. Rehder says he plans to use money donated to the District to assist with this project.
In his superintendent report Rehder sad the summer food program ended July 30. Numbers varied from 20 to as many as 160 meals depending on activities but it did well.
The new non-CDL bus talked about at the July meeting should be ready by the end of August. He said he plans to be driving it home after the volleyball and football events on August 28 in southern Idaho.
He discussed with the board the extracurricular duty contracts per their request. They have different ones for certified and classified staff. He has been in conversation with Idaho School Board Association as far as policy and edits.
The meeting adjourned for a tour of the facilities at 8:26 p.m. The next regular meeting is set for Monday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m.

Free meals this year for Cottonwood Schools
Cottonwood School District will be able to provide
free meals for students through the whole 2021-22 school year due to nutrition waivers extended by the Biden-Harris Administration.  School food-service operations are still recovering from the pandemic, and the USDA’s decision gives superintendents the tools to customize meal service to fit local needs.  The USDA’s decision allows schools to serve meals under the National School Lunch Program Seamless Summer Option, which is open to all children and maintains the nutrition standards of the standard school meal programs. Free school lunches will be available to all preschool and K-12 students enrolled in the Cottonwood School District only.  The Cottonwood School District is an equal opportunity provider. 

School Bus Routes for 2021-22
FERDINAND – David Shears

Bus # 08-8
7:05  a.m.
Jared Schwartz, Mike Duclos, Toby Schwartz,  JP Coppernoll, Gabe Richardson, Justin Hanson, Mark Schwartz, Ferdinand South, Ferdinand Church,  Chelsea Tucker, Nick Frei, Cory Lustig, Curtis Nuxoll, Cody Funke.
Bus # 18-3
7:00 a.m.
Bob Lustig,, Joe VonBargen, Casey Forsmann, Mark Gehring, Matt Duman, Craig Duclos, Nolan Rehder, Don Lustig, Jeremy Ross, Cody Miller
GREENCREEK – Jerry Schumacher
Bus # 09-09
7:00 a.m.
Wes Riener, Scott Schacher, Brandon Riener,  Matt Schumacher,  Tony Bennett, Bo Rose, Kyle Westhoff, Adam Forsmann, Matt Elven, Doug Schumacher, Thomas Holman, TJ Schmidt, Anthony Verdino, Kris Shears, Jacob Forsmann, Mark Anderson, Dale McElroy, Shane Ratcliff, Scot Schlader.
COTTONWOOD EAST  – Doug Schumacher
Bus # 06-6
7:00 a.m.
Sales Yard (Dallas Paul), Brett Uhlenkott, Dane Crea, Nick Gehring, Chris Duclos, Ryan Uhlenkott, Brett Rowland, Jade Abbott/Hagen, Annie Pack, Chris Brannan, Ed Wemhoff, Brad Hibbard, Stephanie Weber, Andy Terhaar, Clark Tacke, Cody Graham
KEUTERVILLE –  Rick Johnson
Bus # 00-8
6:45 a.m.
Kevin Geis, Cody Granning, Joe Ross, Bob Enneking, Ryan Mader, Gerry Gehring, Cody Lorentz, Glenn Poxleitner, Ronnie Chandler, Jack Secrest, Mike Walsh, Dustin Uhlenkott, Ben Munger, Heath Klapprich, Wayne Shears, Prairie High School, Dustin Behler, Nick Seubert, Jack Duman, Hangout (afternoon)
Bus # 14-4
7:00 a.m.
Ron Lightfield, Brian Gehring, Will Schlader, Jeremy Meyers, Mike Kehler, Jon Rehder,
Stephen Goeckner, Kenny Geis, Adam Uhlenkott, Prairie High School, Jarod Cash, Damian Riener, Joe Rehder, Daniel McIntire, Scott Ross, Hangout (morning), Auxiliary Gym











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