4-H Family and Consumer Science Awards
Constructed Clothing Awards
Beginner Clothing Awards (Ready, Set, Sew; Sew Some More)—Ava Klapprich, top; Alli Bransford, runner-up; Mikayla Rowland, runner-up
Intermediate Clothing Awards (Seams Sew Easy; Sew What)—Alaina Lustig, top; Halee Rowland, runner-up; Miranda Klapprich, runner-up
Advanced Clothing Awards (Sew Wow)—Lydia Stowell, top; Halle Klappich, runner-up; Mattie Lustig  , runner-up
Making The Most of Me Awards
Beginning—Mikayla Rowland, top; Ava Klapprich, runner-up; Brynnley York, runner-up
Intermediate—Halee Rowland, top; Catherine Seubert, runner-up; Lydia Stowell, runner-up
Advanced—Olivia Klapprich, top; Chloe Rowland, runner-up; Rayne Martinez, runner-up
Top Model Awards
Constructed Clothing:
Beginner— Alli Bransford
Intermediate—Josie Graves
Advanced—Halle Klapprich
Making the Most of Me:
Beginner— Alli Bransford
Intermediate—Halee Rowland
Advanced—Chloe Rowland
Top Foods Awards
Top Beginning Foods—Ava Klapprich, top; Clara Lustig, runner-up
Top Intermediate Foods—Madison Romney, top; Halee Rowland, runner-up
Top Advanced Foods—Sarah Lustig, top.
Top Beginning Cake Decorating—Mikayla Rowland, top; Peyton Hanson, runner-up; Catherine Seubert, runner-up
Top Intermediate Cake Decorating—Rachel Sonnen, top; Harlee Brannan, runner-up
Top Advanced Cake Decorating—Chloe Rowland, top
Candace Johnston Top Foods Award-Top Over-All Foods Project—Sarah Lustig
Top Table Setting Award—Top Junior- Mikayla Rowland; Top Intermediate-Halee Rowland; Top Senior-Olivia Klapprich
Top Family & Consumer Science Demonstration Awards—Top Junior Demonstration-Mikayla Rowland; Top Int. Demonstration-Halee Rowland; Top Senior Demonstration-Chloe Rowland
Friends of 4-H Awards
The recipients of the Friends of 4-H Awards must be currently enrolled in their 5th year (or more) their project area, be entering their Sophomore year of High School. 
Making the Most Of Me (Luggage)—Olivia Klapprich
Sewing (Sewing Machine)—Miranda Klapprich
Foods (Mixer)—Chloe Rowland
Candace Johnston Family & Consumer Science Scholarship—Applicants must be currently enrolled in the Idaho County 4-H Program, completed their senior year of high school, and have completed a minimum of five (5) years in a Family & Consumer Science project area. The recipient will receive a $200.00 scholarship sponsored by Brad & Bambi Baker of Grangeville—Halle Klapprich
Top Leathercraft—Alaina Lustig
Top Woodworking—Raymond Terhaar
Top Photography—Acacia Blyth
Outstanding  Leadership—Olivia Klapprich
Top Citizenship Washington Focus Project—Chloe Rowland
Top Know Your Government Project—Kieran Gallagher
Citizenship & Civic Education Division—1. Chloe Rowland, Citizenship Washington Focus
Communications & Leathercraft Division—1. Alaina Lustig, Expressive Arts Project; 2. Acacia Blyth, Photography Project
Family & Consumer Sciences—1. Lillianne Lustig, Crochet
Environmental Education & Earth Sciences—1. Wyatt Anderberg, Master Gardener Project
Science & Technology Division—1. Jocelyn Bray, Veterinary Science; 2. Dylan Klapprich, Computer Coding; 3. Raymond Terhaar, Welding
Top Specialty Demonstration Awards—Top Int. Demonstration-Dylan Klapprich; Top Senior Demonstration-Chloe Rowland

Cloverbud models in constructed clothing from left are Madison Duman, Tessa Sonnen and Ruby Klapprich.

More from the Constructed Clothing category are Alaina Lustig and Lydia Stowell

Closing out the constructed clothing portion of the fashion show were Mattie Lustig and Halle Klapprich.

Payette Walkington and Annaleigh Cook in the Making the Most of Me portion of the fashion show.







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