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To the Editor
“I was taught to sacrifice my own comfort for the good of others, whether it be by volunteering my seat to elders in a crowded waiting room, letting a pregnant woman go in front of me in the grocery line, or giving half of my sandwich to a hungry classmate. I may not have always lived up to these standards, but I was taught to try. I’m sure I’m not alone. Sacrificing for the common good was something most of us were taught when I was growing up. Just a few decades later, I’m seeing people in my hometown, and all over the country, thinking only of themselves. They’re not just unwilling to make sacrifices for others during a pandemic; they’re angry about being asked to.”
Silas House
American Writer
Laurel County, Kentucky
submitted by Jim Reed
Hood River, Oregon 

To the Editor
Best health practices needed from all
The Idaho North Central District of Public Health reported last Friday that the Delta-variant of COVID-19 is in fact in Idaho County*. Numbers of COVID have surged throughout the country the last few weeks, with Idaho’s positive cases being no exception. Due to the current state of the pandemic, I urge Idaho County residents now more than ever to practice best health practices regularly. These include
* Washing your hands effectively and regularly and avoid touching your face.
* Wear a mask and social distance whenever you are in public places.
* Reconsider getting a COVID Vaccination - talk to a trusted and trained health care provider to see if the vaccine is the right choice for you.
Please do whatever you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and safe and out of the hospital so we can focus on the challenges at hand. Every bed filled with a COVID patient translates to a bed and medical staff that are no longer available for a heart attack, a stroke, or a car accident victim. This affects everyone who needs medical care, not just those with COVID.
While Syringa Hospital has not run out of beds to date, we are frequently experiencing challenges transferring patients to higher levels of care. Most larger hospitals have no available ICU capacity and their emergency rooms are full. This last week critical patients were transferred from north Idaho to Boise and as far away as Pocatello due to lack of ICU beds in our area.
This situation has become so dire that larger hospitals are now transferring patients to smaller hospitals to free up beds for the sickest of patients. Syringa Hospital has been asked to take patients from as far away as the Treasure Valley. This same situation is playing out across the nation so there is no one to call on for relief.
Hospitals across the state are already overwhelmed. Our healthcare providers are worn out. This current surge is expected to peak in mid-October. Now is the time to act. Please do everything you can to preserve the healthcare capacity of this community.
* See report DPH Idaho COVID-19 Dashboard | Tableau Public (Laboratory Testing tab).
Respectfully submitted by:
Abner King, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
Syringa Hospital & Clinics
Matthew Told, D.O.
Chief Medical Officer
Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Dear Editor,
What has taken over our country, and much of the world, is a from of Corporate Fascism. It involves a government and corporate partnership, with the corporations controlling the government instead of the other way around. The groundwork has been laid over many years. Large corporate lobbyists and their many created special interest groups influence and control politicians. It is common for career politicians to receive the great majority of their campaign funds from these special interests. The biggest contributor to this corruption is the pharmaceutical industry. That is why 49 of 50 Governors rolled over, willingly turning on their own people, destroying health, livelihoods and families.
It just so happened that emergency power legislation had been enacted leading up to this takeover by these same bought off and controlled politicians. Just declare an emergency and the International Corporate Overlords get to do what ever they want. Inalienable rights be dammed.
Of course, since the media is a wholly owned and controlled subsidiary of this global cartel, the people are lied to, ad nausium, and like lemmings help carry out the program of their own destruction. To keep the false narrative going, big tech swings into action, with fake “fact checkers”, debunking or outright banning all opposing facts and opinion. A classic Fascist move.
Of course, with the revolving door between government and corporate entities, the supposed “regulatory” agencies actually allow corporations to make a killing, while the public suffers and, in this case, dies. The FDA has now “approved” the Pfizer experimental gene therapy injections, in spite of over 30,000 people having died from “COVID” jabs in the US and UK alone. And these are government admitted figures, which could easily be 10 times greater. But, you won't hear of these deaths, or over 2 million adverse injuries in the “news” or from your politicians or “health” agencies. That is because we are a conquered people and our captors want to genetically modify all of humanity, for some psychopathic reason. So, they will keep lying to and scaring people until they get the job done, one way or another.
Jay Maxner
Kooskia, Idaho

To the Editor
United States Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo recently joined 17 other Senate Republicans and all 50 Senate Democrats to pass Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Risch and Crapo joined the likes of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski in supporting the infrastructure bill. This bill was not offset

with any spending cuts, which means $1.2 trillion will be added to the national debt for our grandchildren to pay with interest.
Less than one half of the $1.2 trillion actually goes to infrastructure spending. For example, the infrastructure bill raises the price of future new vehicles that must have passive monitoring devices to
detect drug and alcohol overuse in the vehicle. The infrastructure bill also includes a pilot program for a vehicle mileage tax that charges motorists a fee based on how many miles they drive. The more you
drive, the more you pay. And the infrastructure bill requires more stringent reporting of cryptocurrency transactions.
I remember a time when Crapo voted against stuff like the $700 billion bank bailout, opposed deficit spending, and opposed needless government regulations. Back in 2008, Crapo said, “Congress simply
has to control its unrestrained appetite for deficit spending.” I’ve attended many Republican Lincoln Days where Risch announced he was once again recognized “by the National Journal as the ‘most
conservative’ senator in the United States Senate,” a statement Risch publishes to this day in his official Senate Biography.
The day after Risch and Crapo voted for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, I received a joint press release from Crapo and Risch stating, “Republicans will not Raise Debt Ceiling to Fuel Reckless
Spending.” What? Obviously, the Risch and Crapo of old are not the same guys who just voted for the Democrats’ $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to be paid for with deficit spending. So, what has happened to the “most conservative senator” and his deficit hawk seatmate?
I decided to find a conservative index that rates U.S. Senators and see how Risch and Crapo have fared over the years. I found the New American “Freedom Index.” It “rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and avoiding foreign entanglements.” No self-respecting “most conservative” U.S. Senate Republican could possibly complain about that as a standard. Here’s how the Freedom Index has rated Crapo and Risch since 2012:
Year Crapo Risch
2012 95% 95%
2013 95% 93%
2014 75% 80%
2015 80% 80%
2016 60% 60%
2017 65% 65%
2018 50% 50%
2019 23% 46%
2020 30% 35%
I’d bet the farm Risch was thrilled with scores of 95% and 93% back in 2012 and 2013 when at Republican Lincoln Days he announced time and again he was the “most conservative” U.S. Senator.  Crapo also scored a 95% in 2012 and even got a higher score than Risch in 2013. But since 2013 their Freedom Index scores have plummeted to about one third of what they once were.  In fact, Crapo and Risch’s current Freedom Index scores of 30% and 35%, respectively, are unbelievably even lower than the 38% currently scored by self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.  Just let that sink in.
The fact is that the longer Risch and Crapo serve in Washington, the more they become like the liberal swamp they claim they are fighting against. Now, in addition to serving the people of Idaho, they also serve as good examples of why we need terms limits for federal office holders.
Bryan Smith
(Bryan Smith serves as the fourth vice chair of the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee.)

Redneck Review!
No. 331 - 8/29/2021
It's decision time again!  In these days of crazy events and multiple new crises, it's hard to decide a topic for these weekly articles! The crazy border invasion of people, some with covid, from any of 150 countries, are not required to wear masks as they are spread through our country, AT OUR EXPENSE! Meanwhile new rules for we citizens in some states require proof of vaccination to get on planes, go out to eat,  wear masks virtually all the time, and other restrictions which the incoming invasions of people are not required to do! And what about the fiasco involving recent events in Kabul? Those two events my decision is very definitely to stay away from today!
Last week a lengthy quotation from a writer in Investment Rarity's MARKET UPDATE, was received with some doubt by certain readers who do not believe silver might catch up with gold in the days to come!  My choice is to put this topic on hold for another week also, despite the existence of several compelling reasons demanding that silver move up sharply beyond its 40 year high of $50. (Spot price today is $24.07). Those reasons will be taken up in the future also!
Today's topic has moved up front by my recent readings of two books,  one very long, about 1400 pages, entitled HUMAN ACTION, written by a well acclaimed and nationally known old economist, Ludvig von Mises.  von Mises is recognized as one of the world's top supporters of free enterprise economics.  In very compelling logic, he argues that legitimate and thriving economies MUST respond only to the desires of individual buyers choosing to buy of their own free will. These individual choices force producers to respond only to the accumulating demands of consumers, for their choice of items based on quality and best price. He argues very compellingly that interference by governments or labor unions, or any other agency, to tweak this demand in favor of  this party or that will eventually lead to a total disruption of that economy, and its destiny in the long run is always bankruptcy and ruin!
The second short book entitled THE 1776 PROJECT, released early this year, contains a very compelling history of our founding father's and their decision to break away from England, and give us the unique government and economy which has produced the freeest, most envied, the most prosperous nation history has ever recorded.  But this book as well as von Mises's both fail to stress the underlying difference between DEMOCRACY's  and  REPUBLIC's. A look at a modern dictionary, physical or on line, fails to clearly distinguish the two. Typical, a republic is a government in which the people govern through a smaller group of elected officials, whereas a "representative democracy" is a democracy with elected  representatives voting for them. The definitions are basically the same!  You check and you decide! True, the 1776 project starts off by quoting  the Declaration of Independence:  "We hold these truths... that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator...." But from that point on, even that book and HUMAN ACTION above, fail to stress the existence of God as the ultimate ruler and definer of TRUTH!
So submitted today is a simple diagram of the only types of government that have existed!
1)Dictatorships:  Ruler --> Government,
2)Democracy:   People --> Government
3)Divine Right:  God --> Ruler --> Gov
4)Republic --> God --> People --> Gov.
True, Theocracy's have existed, God --> Gov  like  the Old Testament in Israel for a time. But the difference between #s 2 and 4 above was clearly explained by our founding fathers, and this critical difference, not noted in the above books, will be taken up in detail next week.
Jake Wren























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