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An open letter to Representative Priscilla Giddings,
It has been several years since our daughter served as a page in the Idaho Legislature.  It was a wonderful opportunity for her as she learned much about the workings of government.  She came away from that experience with great appreciation and respect for the ladies and gentlemen who serve there.  She continues to be involved as a dedicated constituent.  
Now let’s suppose some things.  Let’s suppose that late one night our daughter calls and, through her sobs, she tells us that she has just been sexually assaulted by Representative Whomever.  We counsel her to immediately call the police department and report the abuse.  Her mother and I then we leave for Boise to comfort our daughter. 
Let’s continue to suppose that some minor news group identifies our daughter as the victim of this disgusting action.  Then, let’s continue to suppose that some Priscilla Giddings-type legislator identifies our daughter as the victim by posting a link to both her name and photo on Facebook.  She does this in an attempt to support and justify the perpetrator, her colleague—one with whom this legislator agrees, for political reasons, on virtually every issue. 
That is the end of the “supposing.”  Now let us get to the reality.
Really?  Really, Representative Giddings?  How can anyone come to the defense of this perpetrator or to the defense of anyone who would commit such heinous offense.  All of Idaho watched as you were justifiability called on the carpet by the House Ethics Committee.  We all watched your actions and they were certainly unbecoming of a Representative and of a Cadet.  Your colleagues on the committee condemned your actions regarding the perpetrator and towards the victim.  Editorials from Lewiston to Boise to Twin Falls to Pocatello to Idaho Falls have condemned what you did.  They have chronicled how you misrepresented the truth (aka, lied).  There was a time in Idaho when every legislator, every staffer, every contributor, and every constituent would have condemned you and your actions in a heartbeat.  I hope that those days are not past. 
You claim that your being called before the House Ethics Committee was “politically motivated.”  You claim that, because you and Speaker Bedke are both seeking the office of Lieutenant Governor, his motives are purely political.
Really, Representative Giddings, is that your best shot?  Is that the best you’ve got?  “It is politically motivated.”  Where is your creativity?  Can’t you do better than this?  Your excuse for attacking a young woman, who had already been attacked by your colleague, is akin to a seventh grader telling a teacher that “The dog ate my homework.”  Or, a teenager telling his parents that he missed curfew because “I had a flat tire and I ran out of gas and…and…and….”  Can’t you come up with something better than this ineffective attempt to divert attention away from your shameful actions by falsely claiming that Speaker Bedke’s actions were politically motivated?  You should have taken responsibility for what you did.  It is so childish and immature to blame others for what we, ourselves, do.
Representative Giddings, you did it!  You posted the picture of the victim!  You revealed her name!  Her agony was only enhanced by what you did.  Where is your sense of integrity and honor that you should have learned at the Air Force Academy?  The Air Force Core Values are:  1. Integrity first, 2. Service before self, 3. Excellence in all we do.  Does your loyalty to a very misguided colleague trump your integrity as a Cadet or as a representative of the people of your legislative district? 
I again watched the House Ethics and Policy Committee when they came to the conclusion that “…the committee finds, by clear and convincing evidence, that Representative Giddings has conducted herself in a manner unbecoming a representative which is detrimental to the House as a legislative body…”. Representative Giddings, perhaps you should go back and review what your colleagues said about you.  Each member of the committee was given the opportunity to speak.  Representative Wendy Horman cited nine examples in your testimony when you had been less than honest—where you had lied. Representative Brent Crane quoted statements you made during broadcast interviews and before the committee.  He cited some 13 lies that you had told.  Referring to your statements, he used the following words: “that is a lie,” “that is an outright lie” and “that is a bald-faced lie.”
Representative Giddings, what happened?  How could you have so compromised the values that you have held for so many years?  Has your morality become so overshadowed by politics that you found it necessary to justify the assault of a young woman simply because the perpetrator was your political ally?  How could you have so misplaced your loyalty?  I am confident that your service to the Academy and to the Air Force was very admirable.  However, for now, the best thing that you could do is to step aside.  Perhaps your time to serve is somewhere down the road, but not now.   Watching you crisscross this state and ask the good people of Idaho for contributions has been both disturbing and bewildering, and I do not believe that you have any business running for higher office at this time.  After what you chose to do, how can you continue to campaign and to ask Idahoans to support you?
I wish you well.
I also wish for prompt healing for the young lady who was violated by the perpetrator and by you. 
C. Mark Peterson

To the Editor
I got my stimulus check from Governor Little today. He enclosed a letter similar to Biden’s telling me how great the economy is and how I am getting “my fair share” of the proceeds from the state windfall in cash.
Unfortunately, that money came from the FED that is now controlled by the US Executive branch that is printing debt notes as fast as congress will allow. That’s because we are in a fire sale as the crystal clear evidence that the petro dollar will soon collapse comes upon us.
This is the bribe of the millennium come clear down to the state voter that was used to bribe our governors into lockdowns and mandates far outside our constitutional limits. Rome’s bread and circus didn’t come close to what we are seeing today.
Congress, Biden and most of our Governors are using that bribe to pay off their cronies and bribe the voters into giving them just enough power to complete the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, our sovereign individual rights and possibly even private property ownership itself. (See your copy of the Communist Manifesto for details)
Scott Bedke has the power to call our legislature into session so the people’s representatives can give input on Little’s latest proposed mandates but I doubt he will do that as he is in the same cronies pockets as is Little. Same play as last year, mandates vs representative government.
Maybe Governor Newsom will get recalled this week and God will turn this mess around?
We need to pray and repent for this nation and our liberties to survive.
Sanford Staab

Redneck Review!
No. 333 - 9/12/2021
An Open letter to President Joe Biden!
Back off Joe!  Oops! President Joe!  But still,  BACK OFF!  From an old man who loves his country and once was a proud Democrat, comes this bit of advice! KNOCK IT OFF! Decades ago, not only myself, but my grandfather and father, and about 90% of all voters in our area were Democrats, and proud of it.  But one by one and lately more in bunches, we have been forced to give up the party we proudly claimed.  I have to ask,  how can anyone proudly brag on our old party in view of what has happened in the past years?
Some questions I have to ask that trouble me as a one time solid Democrat!
1) Can a person really defend the aborting, that is the KILLING of future citizens in the womb? Do not try to convince me that abortion does not end a potential life.  And waste not my time by claiming that there are legitimate reasons!  Hog wash!  My own wife was a tiny, shoe box baby when born, very premature, and eligible to be clinically "aborted" because of her early age in the womb.  And literally hundreds of tiny unborns have survived the abortion process, and lived to be productive and healthy citizens.  SO DO NOT TRY TO JUSTIFY THE KILLING
OF EVEN ONE OF THESE INNOCENT BABES!  After all, it took God only Ten rules, those we call COMMANDMENTS to pin point important rules which have been with us for centuries. And one of them is simply THOU SHALT NOT KILL.  But, Joe, oops, sorry, President Biden, our nation now has made legal the killing, and I repeat, the KILLING of nearly 65 million of these innocent and helpless future citizens. Figure it out,  President Joe! It amounts to over 3000 each and every day, since 1973!  Millions of officially aborted future citizens who would
now be paying into our near bankrupt Social Security system!  Tell me why, Joe, this is not only INSANITY, but a most despicable crime against our own people!  Say nothing about it also being a direct violation of one of God's most well known laws!  How, may I ask Joe, can we not
expect the Lord above not lowering the boom on us?  And oh yes!  Don't give me the pathetic claim that there is no just God above in control of our destiny.  We all know, and I hope you are not taken in by some arrogant humans who think they can discount the wisdom of the ages, by
simply proclaiming: "I am human, and I tell you there is no God!" There are many of those  arrogant folks around who simply put themselves in place of the traditional God. What a big surprise they have coming Joe!  And I really hope you are not one of them!  
2) Are you happy about our southern border, President Joe?  Record numbers of illegal people of all kinds and from different countries, flooding into our country unhindered and unchecked for disease or criminal background.  How can you not know, Joe, er...President Joe, that many are
carrying the Covid virus, and are shipped all around the country, AT OUR EXPENSE.  Joe, do you know what this does to the morale of those immigrants who came here legally, and who struggled with national tests to become productive citizens?  Can you not understand, Joe,
why they are unhappy to see the short cut you are allowing others to come in so easily? And IF they want to work, to compete with those who came in and became citizens the hard way? Does that not  bother your sense of justice, Joe, when you try to sleep at night!  Or could it be
be that you have no conscience, NONE AT ALL? And It should be noted, that many of those newcomers have been here before, have come in, committed crimes, been sent home, and are now allowed back in to repeat their destruction of our peaceful communities again!
Joe!  I am just getting started!  You will have to wait until next week for more of this story!
Jake Wren












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