2003 reviewed
Highlights for the year were the opening of the new St. Mary’s Doctor’s Clinic and the going on line of well #5.
A new mayor was elected in the November elections with the installation of Denis Duman at the January 12 meeting.
In a Dec. 28 wrestling meet four earned medals. They were Mark Farmer, Shane Poxleitner, Nick Uhlenkott and Shane Ratcliff.
New clinic to host open house Feb 1.
Sister Petronilla retired after nine years in Orofino and many years as cook in the academy and hospital cafeteria. She was a pastorial assistant to Fr. George King at Orofino.
The first New Year baby at St. Mary’s Hospital was Bethany Anne Stevens daughter of Lonny and April Stevens of Kamiah, born Jan. 15.
Loren Lee Knudson, 55, died on Jan. 3, 2003. He was born Aug. 22, 1947 in New Rockford, N.D.
Lloyd Rieman, 81, died Sunday, Jan. 5, 2003 at St. Mary’s Hospital. He was born Sept. 21, 1921 at Keuterville.
James C. Humphries, Sr., 68, died Jan. 6, 2003, at Spokane. He was the youngest of 17 children.
Mary Patricia “Pat” Schaefer, 82, died Tues., Jan. 14, 2003. She was born Oct. 15, 1920 in Nezperce.
Bertha M. Schaff, 94, died Jan. 14, 2003 at St. Mary’s Hospital. She was born April 23, 1908 to John F. and Maria Beckman Nuxoll of Greencreek.
Sr. Regina (Kathleen Carey) O’Connell, 85, died Jan. 15, 2003, at the Monastery of St. Gertrude. She was born May 2, 1917 to Louis and Ellen Carey O’Connell in Republic, Wash.
Brandy Lynn Forsmann and Dale Edward McElroy of Dayton, Wash. To wed Feb. 15th at Assumption Catholic Church.
Leo and Leona Nuttman to celebrate 50 years together Sunday, Jan. 19, for 2 to 4 p.m. with an open house at the Cottonwood Community Hall. They were married Feb. 16, 1943 at Ferdinand.
Mikayla Marie Uhlenkott born Nov. 14, 2003 to Lisa and Ted Uhlenkott of Greenacres, Wash.
Wesley Samuel Munger born Jan. 17th to Ben and Maureen Munger.
Students of the month for January at the High School are Leah Rehder and Abbi Goeckner.
Over 300 people attended the open host for the new St. Mary’s Doctors Clinic Saturday, Feb. 1. Fr. Andrew Schumacher gave blessing for the clinic and Dr. Maurice Masar, chairman of the board, addressed the 150 people attending the blessing.
The February City Council meeting was well attended as concern was expressed about the dancers at the Twins Bar.
February students of the month were Chris Rehder and Lacie Westbrook.
Members of the VFW presented the Lion’s Club with a check $5400 to pay for a roof over the Veterans Memorial at City Park.
Hoene Hardware received the Business Booster of the Year award from members of the Prairie Booster Club.
Ruth Ann Fitting, 80, died Jan. 24, 2003 in Redmond, Wash. Ruth was born May 9, 1922, at Greencreek to B.A. and Catherine Baerlocher.
Adrian T. Nuxoll 74, died Feb. 5. He was born March 13, 1928, to Francis J. and Antoinette Nuxoll at Greencreek.
Leonard A. “Jiggs” Shears, 79, died Feb. 8. He was born July 17, 1923 to George and Pearl Zenner Shears of Joseph Plains.
Aloysius H. (Al) Sprute, 86, died Feb. 12, 2003. He was born Nov. 21, 1916 in Keuterville.
Frank and Bernadette Olander of Lewiston to celebrate 50 years together. They were married Feb. 16, 1953 at Cottonwood.
Andrew Roger Kasuske born Jan. 22, 2003 to Lalon and Angie Uhlenkott Kasuske of Port Orchard, Wash.
Sydney Jean McRoberts was born Jan. 31, 2003 to Jason and Heidi McRoberts of Lewiston.
Tyler David Gustofson was born Jan. 17, 2003 to Gregg and Carman Gustofson of Mountain Home, Id.
Emma Jean Anderson was born Jan. 26, 2003 to Eddie and Jennifer Anderson of Hillsboro, Oregon
Adam Cleo Forsmann and Tiffany Renee’ Lamb to wed June 7th, 2003.
The Prairie Booster Club was presented with a “Brightest Star” finalist certificate by Mayor Dawn Huntley.
Tabitha Seubert and Logan Taylor are students of the month for February at the Middle School.
March 15 a fire destroyed the Greencreek Tire and Auto building at Greencreek.
L.A. Schumacher, 83, died Feb. 24, 2003, in Spokane, Wash. He was born Jan. 23, 1920 to Leo and Mary (Schmidt) Schumacher in Greencreek.
Cyril J. Jacobs, 86, died Feb. 23, 2003 in Spokane. Cy was born March 15, 1916, at Ferdinand to Laurence and Anna Jacobs.
Ramona Theresa VonTersch, 72, died March 3, 2003. She was born June 3, 1930 to Hugo and Nettie Nuxoll of Ferdinand.
Theresa Margaret Becker, 83, died Feb. 22, 2003 in Moscow. She was born Jan. 5, 1920 in Cottonwood to Michael and Charlotte Drube Schwartz.
Margaret Ann Shears, 78, died March 10, 2003 at Cottonwood. She was born June 2, 1924, to John F. and Bertha Bensching Mager.
Matthew “Gus” Dawson, 24, died March 8, 2003. He was born March 1, 1979 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Delores Klapprich, 56, died March 5, 2003. She was born March 15, 1946 to Harry and Elizabeth Klapprich of Cottonwood.
Sidney L. Van Dyke, 53, died March 5, 2003. She was born Dec. 11, 1953 at Birmingham, Alabama. She moved to Cottonwood and was a big help wit the St. Mary’s food bank.
Vivian E. Johnson, 98, died March 12, 2003 in Crete. She was frequent visitor to relatives in Cottonwood.
Harry W. Hauff, 72, died March 4, 2003, in Quartszite, AZ., in his mobilehome. He was born Oct. 21, 1930 and first came to Cottonwood to serve at the Air Force Radar Base.
Alma Regina Williams, 78, died March 7, 2003 in Carson City. She was born Nov. 29, 1924, in Cottonwood to Alois and Idah Heinen Wemhoff.
Kayln Rai Valentine Horton was born Feb. 14, 2003 to Raylin and Marcus Horton in Spokane.
Jake Ray Skinner born March 5, 2003 to Bryan and Sara Skinner of Coeur d’Alene.
Lane Kenneth Wassmuth born Jan. 30 to Neil and Susan Wassmuth at St. Mary’s Hospital.
Hannah Rose Duuck born March 19, 2003 to Carman and Mary Duuck of Nezperce
Jana M. Bruno and Jeff W. Graham to wed May 17, 2003.
Kimberly Nollenberger and Eric Nuxoll married Jan. 11, 2003 in Minneapolis, MN.
Regina Seubert was awarded an “Outstanding Soloist” at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow.
Mark Farmer and Sharon Lustig are nominees for teenager of the Year by the Grangeville Elk’s Lodge.
Buggy Whip is a go this year as the festival moves back to Main Street from the past several years at City Park.
Margo Johnson and Mark Farmer are Students of the Month at Prairie High School for April.
Mary E. Waldman, 92, died March 27, 2003 at St. Mary’s Hospital. Mary was born March 10, 1911 to Henry H. and Mary Gruenloh Wassmuth of Greencreek.
Grace E. McCarthy, 80, died April 7th. She was born Feb. 27, 1923 to Charles J. and Mary Ann Schmidt Poxleitner of Keuterville.
Betty J. Vedder, 79, died Nov. 24, 2003 in Spokane. She was born Feb. 28, 1924 to Fay and Ina Robinson in Portland, Oregon.
Christine Nuxoll Candler, 68, died April in Spokane. She was born in Cottonwood.
Robert A. Seubert, 71, died April 7th. He was born Dec. 18, 1931 to August M. and Elizabeth B. Nuxoll Seubert.
William (Bill) Simon, 89, died April 13, 2003. He was born Jan. 14, 1914 to William T. and Emma S. Simon of Cottonwood.
Lambert L. Lustig, 76, died April 12, 2003. He was born Sept. 3, 1926 to Victor and Mary Jansen Lustig of Cottonwood.
Richard Holthaus, 88, died April 21, 2003. He was born Aug. 28, 1914 to Aloys and Josephine Funke Holthaus of Cottonwood.
Gladys McLaughlin, 96, died April 21, 2003. She was born Oct. 2, 1906 to Benjamin and Francis Church Cooper of the Salmon River country.
Nicole Wassmuth and Tim Kinzer to wed May 24, 2003 at Assumption Catholic Church. 
Tonya Sue Uhlorn and Victor Ray Fernandez to wed June 14, 2003 at Assumption Catholic Church.
Lee Anne Westhoff and Philip Sullivan to wed July 12, 2003 in Meridian, Idaho.
Andrew and Evelyn Riener to celebrate 60 years together April 26th.
Ray Remacle to celebrate his 90th Birthday April 27th from 3 to 5 p.m. in Ferdinand Parish Hall.
Adam Nicholas Jones, born March 27, 2003 to Susan and Terry Jones of Boise.
To Be Continued

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