A Canterbury Christmas
On the afternoon of December 22nd, a crowd of family and friends were treated to an entertaining event consisting of a tale of virtues with the flavor of Christmas. All 76 students of Summit Academy, preschool through the 11th grade, joined together to give their finest performance ever!Several scenes from 'A Canterbury Christmas.' 
The play performed was written by Kim Frei and directed by teacher, Kerry Ruane with Kim's help. It consisted of five travelers each telling his/her own story with virtues as their themes. The final story pulled them all together with the story of the Nativity.
 The story began at 1:00 with the five travelers joining together to travel to Canterbury. The first traveler began with the theme of charity. The 9th/10th graders helped him weave through the many events which all began with one act of charity.
 The second traveler's theme was chosen to be the virtue of poverty. He used the Athenians and the Spartans to help illustrate this virtue and then included the story of "Stone Soup" to end it. The 7th/8th graders did an excellent job role-playing their characters.
 The third traveler continued on with a story on humility. His story featured St. Elizabeth of Hungary. A few of the older students along with the 3rd/4th graders portrayed her love and humility for all people.
 The fourth story featured joy with the gypsy traveler recounting her encounter with fairies and gnomes one magicalevening. The 1st/2nd graders all participated in creating the fun event which displayed a joyous night!
 Finally, the priest was challenged to put them all together and continue the storytelling with one of mystery. He did a splendid job with the help of the 5th/6th graders retelling the story of Christ's birth The kindergarten and preschoolers added a special touch as the flock of sheep that night !
 The event ended with a candlelight procession of all the students and Christmas carols to cap it off.  Finally, a surprise presentation to two very special people to Summit took place.  The students sang a song to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wren and together with parents and staff gave them a small gift of thanksgivig for all they have done!
 The afternoon ended with further visiting and sharing of Christmas treats. Thank you to all who made this year's play possible. Thank you to all of you for sharing this event with us. Summit Academy wishes you all a Very, Merry Christmas and blessed year to come!

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