Notes from City Hall
It has been a pleasure serving as Mayor these past four years.  The positive response that I have found in the majority of citizens was very appreciated.
I feel that we (your City Council) have made a few strides forward.
We updated 2 fire trucks, one police car, one backhoe and one maintenance pickup.  We added one 454,000 gallon water tank to the system, replaced all the major main water lines, repaired 2 existing wells and their pumps, drilled one new well at the airport, installed a main water line from the airport well to connect with the main water line on East Main Street.
Of the $2,527,800.00 we spent to do all of this, $903,000.00 was paid by Federal Grant monies.
Did all of this make our City a better place to live?
Well yes, we no longer spend $50,000. - $60,000. per year maintaining equipment, we stopped throwing 20,000,000 gallons of water down the creek each year, and we will probably not be put on water restrictions for a good many years to come.  We are no longer repairing 5 water leaks per week.
Well #5, at the airport, came in in excess of 2000 gallons per minute, and withstood 24 hours of continuous pumping at 950 gallons per minute.  Lotsa water out there.
What else of significance, the airport received a new runway, and taxiway overlay – paid for 100% by Federal Grants.  We repaired the culvert that contains Cottonwood Creek next to Nuxoll tire shop that had become a real hazard.
None of this would have been possible without the support of all of you, and the willingness to move forward, and make our City a better place to live.
Please welcome Roy Uhlenkott on board as the City’s maintenance supervisor.
I believe that with the current Council coming on board, under the leadership of Denis Duman, that our City will continue to improve and grow.
I thank each of you for your support and for allowing me the opportunity to serve you.
Nuff for now

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