Notes from City Hall
Thank you to the people who turned out at the polls last November and offered their support for the candidates who volunteered to run for City office and thank you to Shelli for accepting an appointment to the Council.  We are all excited to get to work for the citizens of our community and make it the best place in the State to live.  Incidentally, we will be pushing legislation at the State level to eliminate costly municipal elections when there are no contested seats.
We would also like to thank the folks who give of their time and equipment to plow off the sidewalks and driveways in the community.  This is being a good neighbor and part of a community and is much appreciated.  Please be careful and be seen and it would help to coordinate with the City Maintenance Crews on where to pile the snow-especially in the downtown area.  Joy riding on City streets with ATVs and snowmobiles is still frowned upon. 
The City Maintenance Department is undergoing some changes under the direction of the new supervisor, Roy Uhlenkott.  Please welcome him and give him your support during this difficult transition period.  He is your main contact person in this department and will be glad to help you work out and maintenance concerns you may have.
We are still trying to find a workable solution to our police situation since our Chief of Police is serving our country in Iraq.  Look for a POST certified patrolman on duty next week.  As always, please call 911 in an emergency and the Sheriff’s office at 983-1100 for all other law enforcement matters.  We are also encouraging people to visit with their neighbors to try to solve problems mutually rather than just “turning them in”.  We need to build neighborhoods not fences.             Respectfully, Denis Duman, Mayor

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