Utility rate resolutions are passed
The Cottonwood City council met Monday evening, Feb. 9, with all members present.
One new item of business was the appointment of Rod Behler as fire chief.
The second item was the consideration and passage of two utility resolutions in reference to a vacant house or apartment. A new water and a new sewer resolution were passed with fees to cover only the bond levy costs per residence.
A new resolution is to be considered for garbage at a vacant residence or apartment.
Cory Baune of J-U-B Engineering was present and updated the council on changes in a grant application for a Transportation Guide grant the city had applied for and not received. The grant had included renewal for 2004 and 2005. Rules have changed and the city will need to reapply for 2005. The council gave approval to make the necessary changes needed to reapply for 2005. The city is going for a $31,000 grant and has offered a 15% match. The guide needs to be in place so street work grants can be applied for.
In the police report it was noted that the new policeman is spending 37 hours a week in Cottonwood on police related business. Mayor Duman noted that reports have been good.
The sewer report by Max Nuxoll said they have also been advised an in-place guide is needed and at this time with no extra money in the budget they were advised by J-U-B Engineering to send in a letter of intent so that when the city was ready this letter would be on file.
At a cost of about $500, more chlorine can be added to the sewer waste to solve the bacteria discharge problem.
Jack Duman reported that streets have been cleared of snow and sanded as needed. At this time plans are being made as to which streets will need service this year. Some potholes have been repaired and many will need repaired again after the cold weather.
Mayor Duman reported on his trip to Boise and the Brightest Stars awards received by St. Maryís Hospital with $5,000 in prize money, the award to the Lionís Club and an individual award to Kelby Wilson.
The USA Media ordinance no. 202 was approved for 10 years. The USA Media lease was held until the next meeting, as a question about the fence was not addressed in the lease.
The meeting ended at 9:45 p.m. Next meeting is Monday, March 8th at 8 p.m.


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