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by Buzz Dahlen
Now that Spring is here, I have started “working” on my Volkswagen Van again.  I have not been able to locate the problem but the symptoms are that when I am driving at a higher rpm the engine cuts out.  I do not have a tachometer in the van so I have to use the speedometer.  The symptoms occur in each gear but I am most aware of them when I am in fourth gear.  I cannot travel much faster then 50-55 miles per hour.  I know many of you are thinking, “That van can’t travel must faster then 50-55 mph anyway.”  Well it can… down hill!
Anyway, while investigating all the possible problems I began to look at a book I have had for a long time and realized that I do not know much about auto repair.  I have learned a few things but not enough to fix the problem.  I did however learn that there are three vital things needed to make the engine run: Fuel, air and electricity.
Now I could write about a number of different things.  One would be that too often in life we focus on the symptoms and not deal with the problem.  For a few weeks, once I realized that the engine would cut out at certain speeds, I just decided to drive slower, leave a little earlier and not deal with the problem.  Many people do that in life.  Rather than deal with the problem they deal with the symptoms.  It’s too much trouble, ( and in my VW’s case, too dirty), it takes too much time and typically cost too much to deal with the problem, so we live with the symptoms and modify our lives.
Another topic I could write about is how in life we try to figure out the problems that come up on our own.  I don’t know any one who is fully qualified to deal with their problems on their own.   I could look and wiggle, clean and even hit the engine and it would not normally solve the problem.  But then I look in “the book” and there I find all sorts of help to deal with the problems I face.   We have “The Book” that we can open to help us when we find ourselves dealing with a problem.
But what I want to share today is how much we are like our vehicles.  The thing that makes the vehicle go is the engine.  For us, what makes us go is our soul.  Without either we are getting no place fast.  Just as the engine needs fuel, air and electricity, so does our soul.  Obviously there are other things needed to keep us moving as there are things needed to keep us living, but I want to focus on the engine today.
Spiritual fuel would have to be the word of God.  We have to read God’s word if we want to keep our tank full.  There are many filling stations available so there is no excuse, for letting the tank get empty.  Sometimes we need a fuel additive.  That, I think, would be fellowship.  We all need encouragement from time to time.  
Spiritual air would be worship.  When we open our mouths to glorify God; Confess Jesus as our Lord and Savior; Share what we know about God with others; Sing praise and worship songs, we are taking in the air we need.  
Spiritual electricity then has to be prayer.  When we pray we see the power of God active in our lives.  We pray for guidance, endurance and maintenance.  We know if we are not praying we are going now where.
So, if you are driving at higher rpm and your “engine” is cutting out, check your fuel, air or electrical systems.  It’s a good chance it’s one of those…

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