Hospitals receives folic acid for distribution
 Beth Richardson, Clearwater County Infant Project, made arrangements with Idaho’s March of Dimes program to provide St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics with a case of folic acid to distribute, at no cost, for women preparing for pregnancy and for those early in their pregnancy.Beth Richarson and Barb Michels with a case of free folic acid.
 Folic acid is a special vitamin that can help prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord such as spinal bifida.  A member of the B-vitamin family, it is found naturally in orange juice, beans and green vegetables.  It is also found in rice and whole wheat bread that says ‘enriched’ on the label.
 Since 1998, when the Food and Drug Administration mandated that it be added to cereal products, the number of neural tube defects has dropped nearly 20% in the United States.
 According to the March of Dimes, it is very hard to get enough folic acid from food alone so they are distributing bottles for distribution around the state.  For more information call the MOD Resource Center, 1.888.663.4637.
 “We’re delighted to receive these free bottles of Folic Acid for our patients,” said Jeanette Gorman, Community Relations Coordinator.  “Our providers encourage women to begin taking it before becoming pregnant.  Many times women can be pregnant and not know it during the crucial early weeks of pregnancy when the nerve cells are beginning to differentiate.  Hopefully, the March of Dimes publicity campaign about this issue is raising people’s awareness of its importance.” 

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