Prairie wins, Summit shorthanded at Knowledge Bowl
Traveling to Orofino Monday with a reduced team of six only, Prairieís senior high academic team pulled off a first for the season, taking not only first place in the individual team competition, but edging Nezperce for top honors in the school portion of the Central Idaho Academic Bowl League.
Prairieís Jacob Nuxoll, Kelby Wilson, Kari Schumacher, Jared Nau, Chris Schnider, and James Hood gambled lightly on the last venture question of the day, a tough four-part question about U.S. Presidents, and found themselves located in the top spot with their score of 244, edging Nezperce and Grangeville who finished second and third respectively. Lacking their second team, their school score of 366, found by adding the top two team scores from each school, or in Prairieís case, with only one team there, multiplying their one score by 1.5. The first place school score by Prairie was only the second time this season that Grangeville has not walked away with school honors.
Meanwhile, Summit Academy, in second place by a single point over Nezperce prior to the meet, suffered the fate of many others during the spring season, as church practice, driverís ed., and an apostolic trip to Sacramento by 14 of its students, reduced their usual 18 team squad to two, Shane Wemhoff and Alyssa Frei the only two able to make the trip. Still the pair did fairly well, hovering between 5th and 8th throughout the evening, but with an eye on a higher finish, wagered an uncharacteristic 50 point on the final question, which missing, dropped their 130 score back to 80 and a finish near the bottom of the 16 team heap.
League standings are not available at this time, but Summitís second place spot in the league took a serious hit, with one more match remaining, that being at Summit on the 10th of May.
Junior High competition apparently ends this year with a final meet in Nezperce this coming Monday, April 19.

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