80 units donated
At the blood drive last Wednesday, 90 donors came to give so others may live. From that group 80 good units of blood were collected.
To those who could not give because you were low on iron, one of the nurses advised her
patient to simply eat a handful of raisins every day. So think about trying to do this and come and give again on July 1.
Sr Judith Brower mentioned she is working on her fourteenth gallon. And Lee Rehder has lost track of how many he has given since 1944. We already mentioned that Fr Muha had informed us that he gave his 100 unit twodays before Christmas. A 7 gallon pin was awarded to Betty Beckman and Lisa Nightingale got her 5 gallon pin. Sheila Long has given 4 gallons and Barbara Remacle and Barb Michaels received pins for giving 3 gallons.
We missed not having  donors come in for the first time. We really do need some new donors to pick up the slack. We were very pleased that several high school students came to donate again.
Maybe more of you will be able to join them this summer before you leave for college!!! This is a good habit to cultivate and you will have chances to continue to donate as you go on to school.
We do really appreciate all who came and realize there was probably a very good reason why some of you could not make it. We hope to see you on July 1.

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