Summit announces third quarter honor roll
Officials from Summit Academy released their third quarter honor roll this week, naming both high school and elementary school students who had achieved the minimum grade levels necessary for the honor.
At the high school level, four students achieved the highest honors, earning straight A’s for 4.0 for the quarter. Mark Uhlenkott earned a 4.0 for the seventh consecutive quarter while sophomores Jeannie Goeckner and Chris Hattrup earned theirs for the first time. Freshman Amber Nuxoll earned a 4.0 for the third time this year.
High school students making the high honor roll of 3.75 or better were juniors Dylan Greene and Shane Wemhoff and sophomores Marie Osborne and Lauren Wemhoff.
Students earning honors of 3.5 or better were sophomores Kelli Shears and Stephen Spencer and freshmen Alyssa Frei, Alexa Prigge, Emily Rehder, Jacob Uhlenkott and Mary Wimer.
Grade school students need to achieve an overall average of 92% or better in all subjects to make the honor roll. Those doing so were Lauren Chmelik, 8th grade; Kim Frei and Joseph Lustig, 7th grade; Josh Frei and Dylan Prigge, 6th grade; Rachel Wemhoff, 5th grade; Derek Nuxoll, Savanah Prigge, Savannah Kuther, Michael Rehder, Austin Chmelik, Nicole Frei and Rachel Uhlenkott, fourth grade and Tanna Schlader, 3rd grade.

Summit plans open house, registration now open
Moving into its 8th year of operation, Summit Academy will be offering pre-kinder through 12th grade in the fall of 2004.  In the spring of 2005, Summit will be graduating its first set of graduates!  Summit is a private school operated by lay Catholics.  It has now been accredited with the state of Idaho for 2 years.  The program offered by the Academy is one which focuses on the growth of the whole person.  The curriculum is based on a classical approach and offers students a course of study to prepare them for any career option they choose.  Their human potential is also recognized.  Students are encouraged to always strive harder to live the virtues and seek excellence.  In addition, all students are asked to recognize the need of others and then take an active role to help.  Finally, integrated into the environment is a focus on Christ.  He is the truth given to the children and promoted as the one all need to imitate.  Helping the students to come to know, love and serve Him is a vital aspect of this complete program.
  Summit Academy will be presenting “We Are Family”, their Spring Show this Friday, April 30, 7:00 pm at Summit Academy.  There will be songs, games, and reading selections to celebrate the importance of family followed by refreshments and free time for everyone in attendance.  This is being coordinated with an Open House for any interested families wanting to find out more about Summit.  All are welcome to attend this evening of fun!  Registration packets will also be available.  
  Registration is now open to apply for admission to the Academy.  To find out details on tuition and how to apply just call Summit at 962-5650 or you may call Annette Wemhoff at home at 983-0075 or Polly Ross at 962-5117.  There is a new preschool/primary package to check out for new families!  The basic registration fee for all students will be eliminated for anyone who registers their child early.  The deadline for this early registration is June 4th.  We thank you all for your interest and look forward to speaking with you about any questions you may have.

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