Center For Discovery has successful carnival
The Center For Discovery would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people who helped out at the carnival on Thursday, April 8th. 
The following people: Steve and Sue Sonnen, Scott and Tara Ross, Scott and Marie Jungert, and Darrell and Mary Uhlorn, donated candy that was used as prizes for the games.  Tony and Kim Schumacher donated most of our little prizes and Ed and Judy Terhaar donated stuffed animals along with a 4 1/2 in black and white t.v that we used for prizes.  Carl and Cleora Schmidt also  donated some of the prizes that the kids won. Thank you all so much for your great donations.  
We would also like to thank the Elementary Teacher for helping us run the game booths for the first half of the carnival.  The teacher commented that the kids were well behaved and had great manners.  After school was out we had numerous Middle School and High School Students come in to run the games booths, we did not get a chance to write down specific names, but we would like to thank you for donating your time.  Special thanks to Laurie Workman for running a booth and running errands for us.  For the last three years Kim Ratcliff has been there to set up, clean up, and working at the carnival all day for this we would like to say thank you.  
This years carnival was a huge success and it is thanks to all of your help.  The carnival will be back next year.

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