Bruner appointed to school board
The School Board held their May meeting Tuesday, May 18 and after an executive session plus a delay until after the levy and trustee elections were certified, decided to appoint Kelli Bruner to the vacant Ferdinand trustee position by a 3-1 vote of the board. Dan Forsmann voted against Bruner as he apparently favored one of the two other interested individuals, either Andy Frei or Ken Frei.
The board also reluctantly accepted the resignation of Kathleen Jenny-Stubbers from the music teacher position. Her son has been called to Iraq and she will be taking caring of grandchildren 
Sarah Sonnen had also submitted a resignation from her extracurricular duties to further her education. High School Principal Mike Bundy reported she could keep the dance team position but resign the cheerleading position as her schooling should be done before the dance team season gets going.
Bids were opened for the surplus school bus with Roger Lewis of Idaho City having the high bid of $4,830. Five other bids were received.
Idaho Standards and Achievement Test (ISAT) results were reviewed with Prairie students scoring very well compared to statewide averages.
In the Elementary School 100% of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tested at either the proficient or advanced level in language. 98.55% in those grades tested at either proficient or advanced in math and reading. State requirements for Adequate Yearly Progress  for a school are 66% in Language and Reading at 51% in math. The third grade had 100% in all three disciplines while the second grade had 2 each in math and reading at the basic level and the fourth grade had 1 each in match and reading.
At the Middle School the fifth graders had 84% in language, 81% in reading and 90% in math at proficient or better. The sixth grade had 88%, 88% and 91%; the seventh grade 78%, 74% and 74% and the eighth grade 74%, 81% and 74%. State goals are the same as for the Elementary students.
In the high school ninth and tenth graders were tested with ninth graders having 82% in language, 69% in reading and 62% in match testing proficient or better and the tenth graders having 100% in language, 97.6% in reading and 90.3% in math testing at proficient or better. The tenth graders are the first class that will be required to pass the ISAT as a condition for graduating. Bundy said the tenth graders showed real improvement as their percentages were very similar to the ninth grades when they tested as ninth graders last year.
The auditor was approved for the coming year. Presnell & Gage will continue to be the district’s auditor. The cost will be higher this year because several additional reports are required by the state for the local school district this year.
In administrative reports Rene’ Forsmann reported that the concert was well attended earlier in the day with the preschoolers added this time. 
The school received an A+ Excellence in Education award for the second year with those ceremonies held on the 13th.
Prairie Elementary also hosted the area History Bee with one of the Prairie fourth grade classes taking third place.
Dave Snodgrass reported the Middle School concert will be Monday, May 24. He reported the 8th grade’s field trip to Orofino was postponed by weather but that the 7th grade was able to visit NICI. Other field trips were to Winchester Lake and the new Pullman Science Center. An upcoming trip to Fish Creek is planned, weather permitting. Snodgrass also reported he had a leak due to the heavy rain Tuesday.
Mike Bundy reported the Prom went well and that all the spring sports held district tournaments with representatives to state in each sport. Student body elections were held.
Their concert was Monday night and it went well.
Advanced biology was to take a field trip Sunday and Monday and a synopsis was presented to the board for approval, as it is an overnight trip.
He also reported the district website is up and operational and should have a lot of features to help parents and their students.
The school awards assembly is set for Wednesday, June 2.
Stan Kress reported that the lawsuit is with the Idaho Supreme Court with one of the justices asking for additional information that has delayed their decision until at least June.
He handed the board a copy of Mona Farmer’s research paper on students. She took the tack, instead of polling on usage, of how parents influence students in their use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Her findings were that parents who tended to glorify their partying days had children that were more apt to be partiers.
There was an early graduation request from Ryan Osterbuhr and his family. The board delayed a decision until August to see if Osterbuhr is making the progress he needs in some summer courses. If he does, they’ll likely approve the request.
Kress reported on the negotiations and said they were going well despite the fact they were unable to offer any improvement in the salary schedule in the past 4 years. A final agreement was put on hold until after the levy election.
The next meeting of the board will be Monday, June 14 at 7:30 p.m.

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