Grads earn lots of scholarships
31 members of the Prairie High School class of 2004 received their diplomas last Friday, June 4, in commencement ceremonies at the Prairie High School gym.
30 students fulfilled all the requirements for graduation of the State of Idaho and the Cottonwood School District while foreign exchange student Mauricio Henao was awarded an honorary diploma.
After opening remarks by class president Angela Schumacher, Maureen Tacke delivered the Salutatory address with Matt Baerlocher and Kari Schumacher following with the Valedictory addresses.
Musical selections followed: “Eye of the Tiger” by the senior band members and a vocal performance by Annette Allen and Jacob Nuxoll of the Beatles’ “In My Life.”
PHS teacher Bruce Nuxoll, who earlier was awarded as teacher of the year by the Prairie Education Association, was the commencement speaker and stressed the importance of family as you go on in life.
Several local awards and scholarships were presented during the ceremonies by principal Mike Bundy. The valedictorian and salutatorian medals were awarded to Baerlocher and Schumacher and Tacke. High Honor awards went to Shane Doyle and Whitney Schaeffer and honors awards to Mindy Anderson, Tyler Crane, Alison Forsmann, Brent Frei, Kayla Holthaus, Jacob Nuxoll, Mandi Tidwell, Brent Uhlorn, Lacey Wargi and Karel Wassmuth.
The Cliff Holthaus Memorial Booster Club scholarships for $200 each were presented to Kari Schumacher, Shane Doyle, Whitney Schaeffer and Kayla Holthaus.
Farm Bureau scholarships were $500 each were presented to Matt Baerlocher and Kayla Holthaus.
The Inland Title Company $500 scholarship went to Karel Wassmuth.
Dave Klapprich Memorial scholarships of $50 each went to Mindy Anderson and Brent Uhlorn.
The Kantola-Morgan scholarship worth $100 went to Whitney Schaeffer.
A Primeland Cooperative $500 scholarship went to Shane Doyle.
Prairie Education Association Debbie Fowlds Memorial scholarshops worth $200 each went to Jessica Enneking, Whitney Schaeffer and Kari Schumacher.
The Burt Lute Memorial scholarship worth $200 went to Whitney Schaeffer.
The Maurice Shinn Booster Club scholarship worth $250 went to Kari Schumacher.
The Sr. Mary Clare and Sr. Stephanie Memorial Scholarship worth $500 went to Mindy Anderson.
The John Kernan Memorial presented by the Knights of Columbus, worth $340 went to Whitney Schaeffer.
The Citizenship Awards which include $250 Lions Club Scholarships, went to Mindy Anderson and Tyler Crane.
Following is a listing of the scholarships earned by class members that the school is aware of:
Annette Allen-Rocky Mountain College, 4-yr., $16,000.
Mindy Anderson-Idaho County Cattle Association, $500; LCSC Counselor Leadership, $250; LCSC Presidential, $500; Idaho Promise, $500; Professional/Technical, $500; Dave Klapprich Memorial, $50; Sr. Mary Clare/Sr. Stephanie, $500 and Lions Club Citizenship, $250.
Matt Baerlocher-Farm Bureau Federation, $500.
Tyler Crane-Lions Club Citizenship, $250.
Shane Doyle-ROTC at Montana State University, $5500; Merit Award, MSU, $3100/renewable; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Primeland Cooperatives, $500.
Jessica Enneking-PEA Debbie Fowlds Memorial, $200.
Brent Frei-UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; Idaho Academic, $1300.
Kayla Holthaus-LCSC Presidential, $500; Idaho Promise, $500; Farm Bureau, $500; Idaho County Fair Royalty, $400; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Farm Bureau, $500.
Jacob Nuxoll-Drug Free Scholarship, $700.
Whitney Schaeffer-UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; Idaho Academic, $1300; UI Presidential, $500; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Kantola-Morgan, $100; PEA Debbie Fowlds Memorial, $200; Burt Lute Memorial, $200; John Kernan Knights of Colubus, $340.
Angela Schumacher-UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; Presidential Leadership, $1000.
Lacey Sonnen-Idaho County Light & Power, $500.
Kari Schumacher-UI Robert Lee Promise, $500; UI Presidential, $1000; UI Zeigler Educational, $3000; UI Idaho Mining Memorial, $2000; Idaho State University, $3500; Ford Country Scholars, $5000; Elks Most Valuable, $250; WSU Freshman, $20,000; LCSC, $500; Idaho Promise, $250; Idaho State University, $3000; Idaho Promise, $500; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; PEA Debbie Fowlds Memorial, $200; Maurice Shinn Memorial, $250.
Maureen Tacke-Cargill Community, $1000; Idaho County Light & Power, $500; ICUA Youth & Education Committee, $300; University of Mary, $16,000; Carroll College, $1800; Elks Most Valuable, $25; Elks Teenager of the Month, $25.
Brent Uhlorn-Roy & Maimie Jones 4-H, $500; David Klapprich Memorial, $50.
Lacey Wargi-UI Robert Lee Promise, $500.
Karel Wassmuth-Inland Title Company, $500.

Photos from Graduation
Co-Valedictorian Kari Schumacher gives her speech. Co-Valedictorian Matt Baerlocher giving his speech.
Salutatorian Maureen Tacke. Commencement speaker Bruce Nuxoll.
Bruce hands out outlines of his main points because I know none of you have pencil and paper to take notes. The senior band members played Eye of the Tiger.
Annette Allen and Jacob Nuxoll sang In My Life. Whitney Schaeffer and a serious looking Shane Doyle during the Processional.
Kayla Holthaus and Mandi Tidwell during the Processional. Sarah Forsmann congratulates graduate Angela Schumacher.
Maureen Tacke gets a hug from a fellow student. Irma Tacke congratulates foreign exchange student Mauricio Henao.

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