Two win at state KC Hoop Shoot
The State of Idaho Knights of Columbus has announced that the Cottonwood Council of the Knights of Columbus #1389 had two state winners in the annual Basketball Free Throw Championship.  The Knights of Columbus is an international Catholic family fraternal service organization with more than 1.6 million members and more than 12,000 local councils.  Last year, Knights donated 57 million volunteer hours and $116 million to charitable and benevolent causes, sponsoring projects to benefit their church, councils, communities, families, and youth.
 The State of Idaho winners in the girls fourteen year old bracket was Nataiva Klinkefus.  The winner of the boys eleven year old bracket was David Sigler.  Trophies were presented to the winners at the Prairie Middle School end of year awards assembly on June 10, 2004.  Each of these winners' free throw scores will be forwarded for participation at the Knights of Columbus international level competition.  
 The Cottonwood Knights of Columbus Council thanks the Renee Forsmann principal of Prairie Elementary School, Dwight Wicks at the Prairie Middle School, and Jerry Wren at Summit School for supporting this annual event.  A thank you to the 126 boys and girls who took part in the Hoopshoot.  Congratulations and good luck to our state winners in the international level competition.

Students study airplanes
The Fundamentals of Technology Classes studied about airplanes, Bernoulliís Theory, and how they fly.  They then designed a plane, drew it on a CAD program, and cut it out using the laser. Some of the students who had completed their planes just before the end of school. After cutting out the plane parts, the students assembled the plane, wrapped it in tissue paper and sprayed it lightly.  As this dried it formed a tight skin around the plane.  The students installed a 6-12 volt motor and soldered wire to be fastened to a tether pole.  The pole had a slip clutch on it, so the plane would fly in a circle without tying it up.  The students learned a great deal about airplanes and had a good time.
 The materials for the matt board for the plane parts were donated by D & J Frame in Lewiston, the tether pole materials were donated by Uhling/Militec, the motors and propellers were donated by an anonymous donor, and the larger power supply to make the planes was loaned to us by Anderson Air in Grangeville. 
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