Local students win state contest
Catholic Daughters local court Desmet # 1016 is proud to announce 4 state winners in our local CDA education contest.  Students receiving $25.00 for 1st place at state level are Elaine Rehder, Alyssa Frei, Amber Nuxoll and Brandon Rehder.  Betty Mader, local court regent, and Kathy Rehder presented the awards.  These entries were sent for National Competition.  
Local students were presented with their state awards.

Summit Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance
Honor roll students and those with perfect attendance for the current school year were announced this week by Summit Academy, with results as follows; Perfect 4.00 grade averages resulted in the following four hih school students achieving Maximum High Honors status: Mark Uhlenkott – 11th grade, Jeannie Goeckner and Chris Hattrup – 10th grade, and Amber Nuxoll – 9th grade.  Achieving High Honors status with grade point averages of 3.75 or better were: eleventh graders Dylan Greene and Shane Wemhoff, and 10th grader Lauren Wemhoff.  Honor status going to those with averages of 3.5 to 3.74 were 10th grade students Maria Osborne, Kelli Shears, and Stephen Spencer, with 9th graders Jacob Uhlenkott and Mary Wimer also joining the group.
Recognized also at the final awards assembly for their perfect attendance for the entire school year were high school students Alyssa Frei, Jeannie Goeckner, Emily Rehder and Lauren Wemhoff, and Nicole Frei from the elementary school.
Many other awards and honors were recognized also at the assembly, with results unavailable at this time, including the elementary school honor roll, winning groups from the two Public Classroom sessions where students are orally quizzed on all materials they have studied during the entire school year in front of an audience of parents, friends and school mates, and the results of this years’ Bike a Thon in northern Idaho where most of Summit’s students participated in a bike ride across the Idaho panhandle from the Montana border to Washington. 

Summit Names Final Virtue Winners
Released recently by Summit Academy officials were the names of the final virtue winners for the current 2003-2004 school year.  Selected by their teachers and their peers as the students best representing the virtue of charity were Justin Schumacher, Nicole Wemhoff, Nicole Frei, Mary Shears, Jeannie Goeckner, Brandon Rehder, and Elaine Rehder.  The charity effort concluded a two month session during which time students were challenged to improve that virtue in their lives.
Concluding the year’s virtue program, several students were selected to represent the “JOY” club, a group who were designated best representatives of May’s focus on joy.  Most members of the club appear in a picture elsewhere in this paper, but others who made the club were absent for the picture taken.
With the exception of May, the virtue program this year involved a two-month period during which students were challenged to improve a particular virtue in their lives and everyday living.  At the end of the first month, a virtue club was selected, then at the end of the second month, an individual from each room was selected as the top representative.
Charity Virtue winners. Joy Virtue winners.

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