Summit releases Elementary Honor Roll
Fourth quarter honor roll students were announced by Summit Academy officials last week, with twelve students making the 93% minimum A-grade average.
They are Lauren Chmelik, Kim Frei, and Dustin and Joseph Lustig in the 7th and 8th grades; Rachel Wemhoff in the fifth grade and Austin Chmelik, Nicole Frei, Michael Hattrup, Derek Nuxoll, Savannah Prigge, Tanna Schlader and Rachel Uhlenkott in the 3rd and 4th grades.
Honor roll status is determined for all elementary students at Summit for grades three through eight, and require the 93% minimum average, while high school students, released earlier, are required to attain a 3.75 grade point average for high honors, and a 3.5 average for honors.

Summit students earn Presidential fitness status
Six students from Summit Academy scored high enough in 5 events to qualify for Presidential Physical Fitness status, a program designed and implemented each year to challenge the nationís youth to upgrade their physical condition.
Meeting minimum conditions in curl-ups; a 30 yard shuttle run where the student moves back and forth four times over the 30 yards, a mile run for the older students, and a half or quarter mile for the younger, pull-ups, and a sit and reach event encouraging flexibility were Shane, Lauren and Rachel Wemhoff, Elaine Rehder, David Spencer and Tanna Schlader.
Meeting National Physical Fitness minimums, slightly lower in some of the events, were Ben, Savannah and Sarah Kuther, Lauren, Jamie and Sarah Chmelik, Jeannie Goeckner, Chris Hattrup, Stephen Spencer, Alexa Prigge, Christa Wilson, Lynn Rehder, Dustin Lustig, Kim Frei, Mary Shears, Nicole Wemhoff, Rachael Frei, Kayla Schumacher and Joshua Lustig.
The fitness challenge has been entered the last two years also by Summit students with this year only those high school students taking P.E. entering as well as all students in the lower grades involved in P.E. classes.

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