Summit students try kite fighting
A big thanks to Rick and Dan of Les Schwab Tire Center in Grangeville, Idaho.  Summit Academy students of all ages had the opportunity to create their own kites and fly them.  An exciting event this spring was kite fighting with our unique designs of combat kites.  The last kite in the sky wins.  Each grade level tied kites in with an academic area such as shapes with the youngest, and an older class working with Technical and Report Writing/Illustrating.  The 7th & 8th grade class put a different twist into the program by choosing a group apostolate.  These students set up an assembly line manufacturing 100 kites and an equal number of little parachutes, sending them to poor children in Mexico.
All kite and parachute designs used the yellow Les Schwab tire bags, as they are lightweight, elastic, and super strong.  Just what kids and kites need!  Besides that, Les Schwab’s picture is in the sky all over the Cottonwood area.
Thanks again to Les Schwab for their donation.  The month of kite making, flying, and learning was made very special by your thoughtfulness.  May God bless all of you in your business in serving the public this summer.

Bumper Sticker Challenge Ends Soon
The Bumper Sticker Challenge encouraging designers to promote “Friendship” ends soon.  Wednesday, July 14th is the last day to enter your bumper sticker design.  You may either drop off your design at Christa Wilson’s house or send it to Julie Schumacher, Rt. 2 Box 1-H, Craigmont, ID, 83523.
For you girls, ages 10-14 who haven’t yet heard of the challenge…the Crusaders want you to join in.  With three colors only, in a 3” by 5” rectangle, create a design that you think would best promote “Friendship” on a bumper sticker.  Turn in your design, with your name, address, and phone number on the back, with a $1 entry fee to one of the contacts listed above.  You may enter as many times as you would like.
The designs will be judged and the winner chosen soon after the 14th.  The cash prize will then be awarded.  The winning design will then be sent in so bumper stickers can be made from the design.  A day has been planned for all those who entered the contest to hang out these bumper stickers so to promote friendship on all highways and byways!
Any questions?  Call Christa Wilson at 962-7725 or Julie Schumacher, 924-7201.  Good luck to all of you! 

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