Pat visits the Historical Museum
In a visit last week to St. Gertrude's Museum and update was given on the changes at the museum.
The museum still takes about $100,000 each year for operation and for care of the exhibits. The Raspberry Festival held the first Sunday of August is still the major fundraiser each year. The festival this year is August 1.The new 2-sided geology cabinet.
The festival this year includes many of the past year's events starting with a Fun Run followed by breakfast, live music during the day, car show, quilt show, arts and crafts fair, demonstration, and food. Served this year are BBQ sandwiches, short cake with raspberries, hot dogs with chips and drinks. New this year, if it's hot, are snow cones.
The museum will be open Sunday and everyone is invited to come and take a tour.
The museum has been receiving a $15,000 grant form the Lewis-Clark progra, and the 2004 grant purchased a double sided geology cabinet (see photo) for the storage of the Sr. Alfreda collection and for the Ulied collection. The grant also purchased a double sided tall cabinet (see photo) with 3 view spaces on each side. The tall cabiets can use a mannequin to show various garments. The cabinets were made by Arnzen Building Construction.
The museum has been told they will receive the 2005 grant but at this time are not sure about the 2006 grant.
The museum hosts about 5,000 to 6,000 people each year. On festival day about 1,300 to 1,500 guests come to visit.
The museum staff and the Sisters of St. Gertrude would like to invite you to come enjoy the Raspberry Festival Sunday, August 1.
The new 2-sided tall display caibinet.
A display of political campaign buttons that dates back to Teddy Roosevelt.

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