Cochran home on furlough from Iraq
Terry Cochran, Cottonwood Police Chief, is home for a short furlough from Iraq.
While here he was part of the Idaho County Fair Parade Color guard.
One thing he does not want to remember about Iraq is temperatures of 142 degrees when metal is too hot to touch.  He added that the 30 by 100 foot tents are air conditioned.
The fine sand that moves with the wind is too fine to make concrete and Iraq has to import sand for building projects.
Terry said that everything they use is brought in by trucks.  The showers are on a truck and the water used is brought in, also all food and equipment.
Terry has only met a small number of Iraqies and working with them has gone well.  He wanted to let people know the US and the coalition members have built schools and given some towns sewer systems which never had them before.
Terry Returns to Texas Aug. 31 and then to Iraq for five more months with the same unit.

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