North Idaho Correctional Institution (NICI) Awarded 
at 30th Anniversary Celebration
North Idaho Correctional Institution celebrated its 30th anniversary with a look back and a glimpse ahead. Staff at the Cottonwood facility were honored by the Idaho Department of Correction for recent improvements and cost-savings initiatives made within the rider program. 
The team at NICI implemented initiatives that will add up to $1.6 million in cost-avoidance for taxpayers. IDOC Director Tom Beauclair and Board of Correction member Carolyn Meline presented the IDOC Distinguished Service Medal to the team at NICI during the anniversary celebration on Wednesday, September 29. (Photo available).
Director Tom Beauclair applauded the work at NICI, saying, ''Staff at Cottonwood have made tremendous improvements in the system. This couldn’t have been done without education, security, the programming staff, or the hard-charging efforts of the entire NICI team.''
The more rapid movement of offenders through the institution is among the most significant improvements made in the rider program. Further efforts resulted in intensified treatment programs, an increase of vocational rehabilitation services, and the award of 250 GEDs to offenders last year. Education and employment are two factors that have been shown to affect success as offenders are re-integrated into the community. More than two-thirds of riders are successful, meaning they stay out of prison. 
When NICI opened 30 years ago, there was less than 500 offenders incarcerated in all of Idaho. The institution began with 13 original staff. Today, NICI employs 76 area residents and houses 382 offenders. Despite many changes, the institution has stayed focused on providing education.
''Education has been the mainstay of our programs here at NICI since day one,'' Warden Lynn Guyer said. 
NICI Warden Lynn Guyer thanked several attendees including Judge Bradbury, former Cottonwood Mayor Ladd Arnoti, Board of Correction member Carolyn Meline, Idaho Department of Correction Director Tom Beauclair, and original staff members Jim Rehder and Terry Turner. 
NICI is Idaho’s male rider facility. The Rider Program provides intense treatment, education and vocational rehabilitation services to offenders, who often remain in the program for three to four months. Judges retain jurisdiction over riders while they are incarcerated, and sentence them to prison or probation upon completion of the rider program.

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