Uhlenkott to celebrate 95th birthday
By Pat Wherry
Monday afternoon I had a very nice visit with a young man soon to celebrate his 95th birthday. Alphonse Uhlenkott was the man.Alphonse Uhlenkott with some of his woodworking projects.
He and his wife, who died two years ago from cancer, did a lot of traveling together visiting Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, and South America. They took 4 trips to Europe.
Alphonse returned recently from a trip to Mexico.
Alphonse retired in 1978 after raising four daughters, being a farmer and a driller for water.
He added that the farm had chickens, pigs, cows and he liked it best to work with the horses.
He had lived at Cottonwood for most of his life with a few years in California during World War II.
He adds that retirement had been pretty good. He lost a daughter in 1997 and now had four grandchildren.
Alphonse feels life has been good and good health has been a big factor to that life.
Alphonse in the past was also an insurance salesman for a while.
He bowled for many years at the Cottonwood Bowl.
His parents arrived in the Cottonwood area during the 1880ís and made their home here.
Alphonse is proud of his woodwork, which includes bowls, vases and a three candle holder with curved wood.
Congratulations to Alphonse who is 95 years young.

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