Election is Tuesday
After all the candidate forums, letters to the editor, advertising, debates, etc., it’s finally time for the election, which will be next Tuesday, Nov. 2.
The most wide-reaching race on the ballot is of course for President of the United States. In Idaho there are 4 candidates to choose from. The Republican party features incumbent George W. Bush with his running mate Dick Cheney. The Democratic party offers John Kerry and running mate John Edwards. Also on the ballot are the Libertarian party candidate Michael Badnarik and running mate Richard Campagna and Constitution party candidate Michael Peroutka and running mate Chuck Baldwin.
In the only statewide race Republican incumbent Mike Crapo is running unopposed for U.S. Senate.
In the First District Republican incumbent Congressman Butch Otter is facing Democratic challenger Naomi Preston.
In State Legislative District 8, Republican incumbent Skip Brandt is running unopposed for State Senator. Both State Representative races are contended. For Position A incumbent Republican Ken Roberts is facing Democratic challenger Darcy James. For Position B Democratic incumbent Chuck Cuddy is facing Republican challenger Paul E. Shepherd.
Three of the four Idaho County races are contested with two of those having 3 or more candidates.
For Second District County Commissioner, Republican Twila Hornbeck, Democrat Randy Doman and independent Jeff Kutner are all on the ballot. Running as a write-in is Republican incumbent Pat Holmberg, who was defeated in the primary by Hornbeck.
For Third District County Commissioner Democrat Jim Rehder and Republican Jim Chmelik are vying for the seat vacated by retiring commissioner George Enneking.
County Sheriff is a 3-way race with Republican incumbent Larry Dasenbrock facing challenges from Democrat Wayne Sedam and independent Henry Kuther.
Kirk MacGregor is unopposed for County Prosecuting Attorney.
There is also a Non-Partisan Judicial ballot this year where voters are asked if Michael J. Griffin should be retained as a magistrate judge.
Sample ballots are located on page 14 of this week’s Chronicle. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday and polling places are also found on page 14.
Exercise your rights and vote next Tuesday for the candidates of your choice.

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