99 pints are donated
This community has done it again.   Wow!   Last Thursday 110 donors came and we collected 99 usable units of blood.  Thank you.
There were twelve first time donors.  They were Wanda Goff, Agnes Sinclair, Monica Nuxoll, Tammy Quick, Lowell Enneking, Teresa Schmidt, Bob Brandon, Amy Sigler, Lynn Rehder, Shannon Hibbard, Leslie Lewis, and Hal Uptmor. 
Pins were awarded to the following:  seven gallon pins to Jerry Wren, and Emmett Wilson, five gallon pins to Chris Kashmitter, Larry Kidd, Geralyn Jentges, and Larry Arnzen.  A four gallon pin was given to Cindy Wilson and a three gallon pin to Sister Placida Wemhoff and Judy Uhlorn. A two gallon pin was  awarded to Elsie Rechlin.  Joyce Gehring Sonnen and Kathy Seubert  each received 
one gallon pins.
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped. We can't do it without you. They were Marlene Jungert, Elaine Schumacher, Mary Jennings, Sally Nuxoll, Doris Sonnen, Joyce Beiker, Margaret Stewart, Jeanne Beatty, Merna Gehring and Anna Gehring. Urban Wassmuth and Dan Karel helped reload in the evening.
Our next drive will be Thursday, January 20, 2005. Keep eating the handful of raisins and plan to come.

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