Museum urges preservation of historic photos
Do you have historical photographs that pertain to Idaho County? Do those photos show landscapes, buildings, people, farm equipment, and other memories of the past? Can you identify the objects or people in the photos? The responsibility of a museum is to preserve the past for the future. Would you consider allowing staff from The Historical Museum at St. Gertrude to view your photos with you and to then make copies for the museum and for the historical record?
We are rapidly losing some of our visual history because many old and historical photos are deteriorating, fading, and becoming brittle with age. Many photo collections are housed in homes, attics, storage sheds, and garages under unfavorable conditions where moisture, light, and varying heat levels have bad effects on them. We would like to make a concerted effort to preserve many historic photos that illustrate a mode of life long gone. We do not want to lose that history. 
The staff of The Historical Museum at St. Gertrude would like to expand the preservation of old photographs in our collection. Photos help to more clearly illustrate the history of the area, as well as enhance any written text that describes that history. 
We encourage you to call the museum to schedule a time to bring in some of your photos. Someone from the museum staff will peruse the photos with you to determine those photos that may have significance to the history of the area. You will have the right to make a decision as to whether to allow the museum to copy the photo as well. We will make a record of the selected photos. When the copies are made, we will return your photos to you. The entire process should take no more than two weeks. The museum reserves the right to select photos that do have significance to local history. We also will need to have you give the museum the rights to use the photo in our publications such as the historical journal or newsletter that the museum publishes.
If you would be willing to share parts, or all, of your photos with the museum or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (208)962-7123. 

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