Summit picks charity winners
With the virtue of charity consider by many to be the kingpin of all virtues, Summit Academy Summit Academy's Charity winners.selected in early November those students who best exemplified the virtue, using a number of things for criteria. Though Summit’s virtue program usually lasts only one month, the importance of charity led school officials to make it the virtue of choice through the first school months of September and October.
At the end of September, a “Charity Club” was announced, with a high percentage of all students at Summit selected for the progress they had made in the practice of that important virtue. Then with continued emphasis on it, individual winners were selected at the end of October for their extraordinary exemplification of charity. Those winners are, with a picture elsewhere in this paper, Elaine Rehder-(12th grade), Stephen Spencer- (11th), Alyssa Frei- (10th), Anna Osborne- (9th), Kim Frei-(8th), Chaelena Wimer-(7th), David Johnson- (6th), Rachel Uhlenkott- (5th), Dan Wemhoff- (4th), Nicole Wemhoff- (3rd), Zachary Frei- (2nd), Thomas Schwartz- (1st), and Kindsey Geockener- (KG).
November has been dedicated to the virtue of Sincerity, with both a Sincerity Club and an individual winner from each class to be chosen at the end of the month!!

Junior High Knowledge Bowl results
Summit’s junior high Academic Bowl Team, down to six members this trip, traveled to Orofino Monday evening for the second round in the area’s academic bowl competition for junior high students from the eight school area.
Eighth graders Kim Frei, Joseph Lustig, and Brianna Stubbers, helped by 7th graders Josh Frei, Mary Shears and Jennifer Wemhoff stayed with the contest leaders throughout round I, fell back a ways in round II, then made a move in round III to move back into the top third of the group, only to lose on their largest wager of the evening on the final venture question to drop back into the middle of the 20-team pack. Their score of 105 compared to the one high score of the evening, Grangeville’s 209, was very close to several teams who finished just above them, with scores like 187, 145, 125, and was significantly ahead of the several scores that were lower, most of the lower scores resulting from unsuccessful wagers on the venture questions ending each round.
Next action for local academic bowlers is in Grangeville the first part of December. 

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