Prize winners are named
The annual Assumption Parish Dinner was held Sunday, Nov. 7 and following is a listing of the winners in the prize drawing.
Bertie Forsmann won $150 cash donated by Keuterville RV & Trailer Park.
Bob Riener won $125 donated by Fred Arnzen.
Shelli Schumacher won $100 donated anonymously.
Carson Forsman won $100 donated by pat Frei.
Cletus Kuther won $100 donated by Harman Agency.
Betty Riggers won $100 donated by Primeland and Cottonwood and Ferdinand.
Phil and Aleta Heitstuman won $50 donated by Bernard and Isabel Kaschmitter.
Tom Wimer won $50 donated by Fred’s Body Shop.
Harold Schaeffer won $50 donated by Seubert Excavators, Inc.
Marlene Schumacher won $50 donated by Maurus and Karen Uhlorn.
Idaho Stove, Inc. won stained glass donated by Dorothy Tiede.
Steve Hill won an afghan donated by Don & Theresa Funke.
Carl Schmidt won $35 donated by Elsie Kinzer.
Gretchen Forsman won $35 donated by St. Mary’s Guild.
Bonnie Gehring won $25 donated by Vince and Caroline Frei.
Dave Faerber won $25 donated by GTS Trucking.
Bob Ross won $25 donated by Brent and Jennie Goeckner.
Cassie Nagel won $25 donated by John & Mary Ann Kuther.
Jake & Elwood won a $25 opening deposit to a Wells Fargo Stagecoach Savings Account.
Mary Kress won an upholstered stool w/storage donated by Hubert and Clara Frei.
Alena Hoene, Jessica Riener, Brian Schaeffer, Shauna Heitstuman, Jim Poxleitner and Jeanne Wimer each won 2 for 1 steak dinners donated by the Halfway Club & Arrow.
A couple of “must be present to win” cash prizes donated by Eloise Riener were given out. Hubert Frei won $20 and Jamie Riener won $10.

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