Summit releases second quarter honor roll
Named to its second quarter honor roll this week by Summit officials were the following high school and elementary school students.
High School students leading the way with 4.00 point, or all A averages were seniors Dylan Greene, Mark Uhlenkott, and Shane Wemhoff. Maria Osborne and Kelli Shears duplicated the 4.00 average in the junior class, while sophomores were represented by Amber Nuxoll, Jacob Uhlenkott, and Cori Wemhoff. Ann Osborne was the sole freshman earning that honor.
Listed as high honor students with averages at 3.75 or better were Juniors Jeannie Goeckner, Brandon Rehder, Stephen Spencer, and Lauren Wemhoff; and Sophomores Jacquie Lustig and Alexa Prigge.
Honor students with averages of 3.50 to 3.74 were senior Elaine Rehder, sophomores Alyssa Frei, Emily Rehder, and Katie Strubble, and freshman Lauren Chmelik.
Elementary students earning honor roll status with an overall average of 93% or better were: 8th graders- Kim Frei, Dustin Lustig, and Joseph Lustig. 7th grader- Dylan Prigge. 6th graders- Savanah Prigge and Rachel Wemhoff. 4th and 3rd graders- Tanna Schlader and Cassidy Stubbers.

Many Summit students record perfect attendance during second quarter
Completing a quarter with a very high perfect attendance record, Summit released the following list of students who finished the quarter with no absences.
Kindergarten: Patrick Chmelik, Katrina Frei, Lindsey Goeckner, Tyson Schlader and Delayne VanGuten.
1st and 2nd graders: Nathan Beckman, Cody Frei, Zach Frei, Daniel Mager, John Mager, Rhett Schlader, Thomas Schwartz, Isaiah Shears, and Kaitlin Stubbers.
3rd and 4th graders: Rachael Frei, Sarah Kuther, Tanna Schlader, Brooke Schumacher, Matthew Schwartz, Dan Wemhoff, and Nicole Wemhoff.
5th and 6th graders: Austin Chmelik, Nicole Frei, Derek Nuxoll, Savanah Prigge, Michael Rehder, Beau Schlader, Courtney Schwartz, and Rachel Wemhoff.
7th and 8th graders: Josh Frei, Kim Frei, Joe Lustig, Chase Nuxoll, and Dylan Prigge.
9th and 10th graders: Alyssa Frei, Zachary Frei, Alex Kuther, Jacquie Lustig, Amber Nuxoll, Alexa Prigge, Emily Rehder, William Schlader and David Spencer.
11th and 12th graders: Jeannie Goeckner, Dylan Greene, Ben Kuther, Brandon Rehder, Elaine Rehder, Kelli Shears, Lauren Wemhoff, and Shane Wemhoff.

Summit girls finish second
Traveling to Moscow three consecutive days this past weekend, Summit’s varsity basketball teams each won two of three ball games to finish second in the Logos Invitational Tournament.The Summit girls team with their second place trophy.
The Lady Patriots won their first two games easily, by scores of 44 to 13 over a Christian Heritage from Edwall, Washington, and then the second night, took an equally easy win over CHAMP, 54 to 34. Champ is an association of home school students from Malheur and Payette Counties, and has entered teams in tournaments like this over several years. The two victories put Summit into the championship finals against NICS, North Idaho Christian School from Hayden, a team, which Summit had defeated twice by close scores during the regular season. In a nip and tuck battle throughout the game, with Summit in the lead throughout, NIC’s Amy Warbrick managed a contested lay-up in the final three seconds to take home a 41 to 40 win over the stunned Patriots. Lauren Wemhoff vies for a rebound. Her sister Cori is in the background.Summit had an unusually poor night at the free throw lane, hitting on only two of 10 attempts, and missed on two attempts just prior to the winning basket by their opponents.
Scoring and rebound totals for the girls over the three games are as follows: Elaine Rehder- 11 and 7, Lauren Wemhoff- 26 and 7, Cori Wemhoff- 30 and 12, Alexa Prigge- 29 and 28, Emily Rehder- 14 and 12, the starters for all three contests. Also getting a lot of action in the three games with their scoring and rebound figures were: Amber Nuxoll- 4 and 8, Jacquie Lustig, who missed the final contest because of an ankle injury- 14 and 6, Alyssa Frei- 10 and 5, Jeannie Goeckner- no points but 5 rebounds, and Maria Osborne who played in the first two games, but was unable to score.
The loss leaves the Patriots with a 14 and 2 record for the regular season, the only losses each by one point being to New Meadows early in the season, and the loss in the Logos championship.

Summit boys finish second
Competing also in the annual Logos Invitational, Summit’s high school boys varsity managed two consecutive hard fought wins in the opening rebounds to win their way into the championship finals Saturday nigh, where they were matched up with the host Logos Knights, eventual winners of their own tourney.The Summit boys team with their second place trophy.
Paired up with tourney second seed Pullman Christian the first night, the Patriots roared out to an 18 to 6 lead over the Eagles from Pullman, only to be forced to hold on in the second half as their opponents stages a furious comeback, narrowing Summit’s lead on a couple of occasions to five points. A 13 point outburst in the fourth quarter by Dylan Greene, matching Shane Wemhoff’s 12 point effort in the first quarter, helped save the day for Summit however, the local boys finishing on top of a 55 to 44 score. Points and rebounds totals for Summit in the contest were: Dylan Greene- 27 and 8, Shane Wemhoff- 20 and 6, Stephen Spencer- 2 and 5, Ben Kuther- 0 and 1, Brandon Rehder- 3 and 1, Mark Uhlenkott- 2 and 4, Jacob Uhlenkott- 0 and 3. Zach Frei got in the game one quarter, but had no points or rebounds to his credit.
Night two paired the Patriots with a tall and talented team from Edmond, Washington, near Seattle, and the evening proved to be a nip and tuck contest from the beginning, with Summit enjoying 15-12, 29-28, and 37 to 35 leads at the quarter breaks. The fourth quarter became even tighter, with CHS as they were called actually taking the lead with a minute to go. A clutch basket by Shane Wemhoff put Summit back into the lead, but CHS responded with a shot of their own to retake their second lead of the game 40 to 39 with only a dozen or so seconds to go. With the clock ticking down, a long shot by Wemhoff fell off the boards into the hands of Greene, who tapped the ball back in as the clock ran out, giving the local boys a close 47 to 46 victory and a shot at the championship the next evening. Wemhoff led all scorers with 30 points coupled with 8 rebounds, with the rest of the Patriots scoring and rebounding as follows: Greene- 9 and 8, Kuther- 0 and 1, Shane Wemhoff shoots a free throw.Stephen Spencer- 4 and 4, Brandon Rehder- 4 and 6, Jacob Uhlenkott- 0 and 4, David Spencer- 0 and 1. Mark Uhlenkott and Zach Frei also played well in the game, but had no points scored.
The championship matchup with Logos proved to be more than the Summit boys could handle on the following night, however, a rematch of an earlier season game also won by Logos by seven points. Led by David Bowen, a 6’8” junior who poured in 16 points, and by fellow junior Justin Spencer, who had 15, the Logos Knights jumped out to a 13 to 7 first quarter lead, then steadily increased it over the evening to take home their own championship trophy, 55 to 38. Scoring for the Patriots, in one of their lowest offensive efforts of the season, finished as follows: Ben Kuther, with his best night of the season- 10 points and 4 rebounds, Greene 8 and 4, Stephen Spencer- 2 and 5, Wemhoff- 13 and 8, Rehder- 3 and 1, Zach Frei- 0 and 5, Jacob Uhlenkott- 0 and 1, Mark Uhlenkott- 2 and 2.
The loss left the Summit boys with a regular season record of 12 and 6, with a final game scheduled at Pullman Christian, and a season-ending session in Missoula for their third consecutive participation in the NW invitational hosted there.
Final home games held last week included ceremonies recognizing the fine contributions made to Summit and its basketball teams by Seniors Elaine Rehder, Dylan Greene, Ben Kuther, Mark Uhlenkott, and Shane Wemhoff.

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