Summit Academy to present "Mousetrap"
March 17th, 18th, & 19th Summit Academy’s high school students will be performing Agatha Christi’s Mousetrap. 
The plays will be held at Old Summit Academy, 202 Bash St. Show times are 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday, & Saturday and also a Matinee at 2 p.m. on Saturday March 19th. 
Any questions call 962-5650

Summit INEL team out in two
Traveling to Moscow Monday after a weekend of basketball in Missoula proved to be a short trip for Summit’s Academic Bowl team, as the local students lost two straight matches to Troy and Logos to be eliminated quickly from the tourney there, sponsored annually by the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory located at Arco, with headquarters in Idaho Falls.
In their first match, Summit got off to a bad start, with incorrect answers costing them five points immediately putting them into a minus 20 hole. Troy, meanwhile, profited from Summit errors, earning points on second attempts at Summit misses to move out to a first half 35 to –20 lead. The lighting round earned 15 points for each team, and the second half saw Summit do much better, but their initial deficit doomed them to a 30 to 100 point loss at the end.
That loss proved to add to Summit’s woes, as their next round found them facing Logos, who have been state winners on several occasions in the past, but who had lost a very close match earlier to Couer D’ Alene Charter School. Jumping out to an early lead, Summit slowly fell behind, and fell to the Moscow school to be quickly eliminated from the tourney.
Cross-town friends Prairie, who traveled with Summit to the tourney, the district providing the bus, and Summit providing the driver, in Summit coach Jerry Wren, came close to qualifying for the state, as they won their first round against Nezperce, lost to Montrose Academy from Moscow, defeated Genesee, then lost their final match to Logos, with the winner advancing to state.
Representing Summit at the tourney were seniors Dylan Greene, Elaine Rehder, Mark Uhlenkott, and Shane Wemhoff, juniors Brandon Rehder, Stephen Spencer, and Lauren Wemhoff, and sophomores Alyssa Frei, Amber Nuxoll, and Jacob Uhlenkott.
Competition at the INL tourney involves quick response, buzzer-type contests that are much different from the table style, 6-member squads that make up Central Idaho’s Academic League. In the INL format, four members of the team sit up front and buzz in to answer questions, with wrong answers being penalized 5 points, and the other team then getting a chance to answer for ten points with no penalty, and a chance at a five point bonus with the entire team allowed to answer. In the local league, each team has up to six members, and each question then is answered by the table after consultation among team members, and no loss of points for wrong answers, until the venture question at the end of each round which does penalize teams for wrong responses on wagered questions.

Summit girls split at Missoula
Traveling to Missoula with the boys tourney team, Summit’s girls played four games Friday and Saturday, two each at the varsity and the junior varsity level with girls teams present at the tourney there.
The patriot girls matched up twice with a girls team from Helena Christian featuring the best girl athlete the Summit ladies have faced all year, 6’ 3” Alyssa Foster. Friday evening, Miss Foster poured in 16 points in the 1st half, based on an 8 to 13 field goal effort, to lead the Helena team to a 22 to 13 half time lead over the local girls. With a change in defense which saw two Summit girls double-teaming her constantly, the Foster effort was able to produce only six more points, allowing Summit to close the gap a bit, but still falling short 39 to 34 at the end. Scoring for Summit with rebounds following were: Elaine Rehder- 6 and 1, Lauren Wemhoff- 4 and 4, Cori Wemhoff- 11 and 2, Jacquie Lustig – 2 and 4, Alyssa Frei – 0 and 0, Alexa Prigge – 2 and 1, Emily Rehder – 4 and 5, and Lauren Chmelik – 0 and 0, Cori Wemhoff led the consecutive effort with 7 steals.
In a rematch Saturday morning, the Patriots double-teamed Helena Foster from the start, using a zone to handle the remaining team, with the result being a 39 to 27 Summit victory, holding Foster to 13 points. Scoring and rebounding figures for this game follows: Elaine Rehder – 9 and 2, Lauren Wemhoff – 16 and 8, Cori Wemhoff – 5 and 6, Prigge – 3 and 5, and Emily Rehder – 6 and 4. The five Summit girls played the entire game, as Patriot JV’s had played a hard match just two games before.
The win left the Summit girls with a final season record of 15 and 3, with high hopes for the coming years, as Elaine Rehder only will graduate this year, and incoming eight graders will add more quality players to the program. Fifteen girls turned out for the season this year, with ten only making the Helena trip, due to injury, illness, and personal reasons.
Summit jv girls also played two games during the weekend, winning by a score of 44 to 36 over a church team from Missoula, calling themselves “Four-Square.” Alexa Prigge playing down for the game, scored 20 points in three quarters, with Lynn Rehder adding 6, Jacquie Lustig – 7, Lauren Chmelik – 3, and Amber Nuxoll – 8.
The next morning, Summit matched up with the Helena Christian jv girls, and played well throughout, though falling short at the end by a score of 35 to 31. Lustig connected for 7, Alyssa Frei – 4, Nuxoll – 12, and Chmelik – 3 to close out jv scoring, with a two quarter part time contribution from Lauren Wemhoff, who subbed on relief, and added 3 to the total.
The girls were coached over the weekend by Julie Schumacher in the absence of regular coach Pete Prigge who was unable to make the trip.

Summit boys place second at Missoula Tourney
Enduring five games over a period of three days, Summit Academy’s boys varsity won their first four games, only to fall short a bit in the fifth championship match in their third consecutive trip to Missoula’s annual Northwest Invitational Tournament.
The little game found the Patriots up against nemesis, a tall and talented home school and AAU team from the Bitterroot Valley west of Lolo, and when the final horn had sounded, the local team found themselves on the short end of a 77 to 63 score. Fatigue on the part of Summit and the rebounding of twin 6’ 5” “Drakes,” as they call themselves, and the 29 point scoring of tourney MVP Phil Perez proved to be more than Summit could handle. The loss duplicated the same matchup last year when the Patriots lost by a similar score in a battle for third place in the tourney.
Following the game, Greene and Wemhoff were named to the five-member all-star team, while Greene received a “Player of the game” award for his last second tip in that helped provide the Summit win in the tense semi-final.
The game did prove to be one of Summit’ s best team efforts however, as Brandon Rehder with five treys and 15 points, and Mark Uhlenkott with 8 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 steals, added to the effort put forth by Dylan Greene who finished with 13 points, 2 steals and a game leading 18 rebounds, and Shane Wemhoff who contributed 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 steals. Ben Kuther connected on one three for his three points, and two each were added to the total by Stephen and David Spencer, and Jacob Uhlenkott.
The loss ended the Summit season, a very successful one with a regular season 12 and 7 record, and a final record after the Missoula tourney of 16 and 8.
In game one, Summit edged Helena Christian 55 to 52, with Greene and Wemhoff leading the way with 22 points, 11 rebounds and 21 points and 10 rebounds for the team’s first two – person “double – double” of the year. Rehder added six points, Stephen Spencer two, and the Uhlenkott brothers each two in the contest Thursday night which saw the local team recover from three point deficits at the end of each of the first three quarters to move ahead at the end with Summit’s only three pointer, from Wemhoff at the end of the game, and four consecutive free throws by Greene and Wemhoff providing the narrow victory.
Game two proved to be a bit more of a breather, as Summit ran away from the Helena’s second entry, the Warriors, by a score of 55 to 39 in an early Friday morning matchup. With Greene and Wemhoff playing very little in the second and fourth quarters, scoring for the Patriots, with rebounds following were as follows: Kuther – 0 and 2, Greene – 12 and 3, Zach Frei – 0 and 0, Stephen Spencer – 4 and 1, David Spencer – 2 and 2, Wemhoff – 10 and 2, Jake Uhlenkott – 9 and 3, William Schlader – 0 and 1, Rehder – 16 and 3, and Mark Uhlenkott – 2 and 2.
Friday noon proved to be another easy matchup for the Patriots, as the team representing “House of the Lord” from Old Town, Idaho, fell an easy prey to the local team, 54 to 39. Greene, in foul trouble, sat out part of the second and all of the third periods, but still totaled 16 points while pulling down 14 rebounds, while Wemhoff put up 17 and hauled down seven boards while in the game. Rehder added 10, Frei – 3, Stephen and David Spencer, 2 and 4 respectively, and Jake Uhlenkott adding 2. The Old Town team’s Zach Green led their effort with 17 points, but the absence of two of their regular key players reduced their effectiveness in this tourney.
With the three early wins on their record, Summit entered Saturday’s championship round with a semi-final matchup with Valley Christian, a large and long established private school in Missoula, which served as host for the games. Behind 15 to 13 at the quarter, and 27 to 26 at the half, Summit slowly built a six-point lead in the third, but had to be content with a 39 to 36 lead as that period ended. The fourth proved to be a back and forth battle however, as Valley moved ahead one point midway through the fourth, only to fall behind by two, then pull into a 50 – 50 tie with ten seconds to go. As the clock ticked down, a missed shot from the side by Wemhoff was gathered in by Jake Uhlenkott, whose put back proved to be too strong and banged off the board over the basket. Greene, in position for the board, tipped the ball into the hoop with seconds only remaining to provide the final 52 to 50 victory.
The championship game which followed Saturday evening ended the season for seniors Greene, Ben Kuther, Mark Uhlenkott, and Wemhoff, but leaves the team with several players who are looking forward eagerly to the upcoming year. Don Schlader, a new teacher at the 3rd and 4th grade level, finished the season as coach of the patriots, taking over for Jerry Wren, who retired after four years working with the Patriots.

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