Notes from Pat
Tuesday morning, March 29 and I woke to snow coming down. The calendar may say spring has come but in Cottonwood we seem to get a little more winter weather.
At the Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday the children were bundled up in winter coats and hats. As usual it was cold with wind. Attendance was very good.
In Cottonwood if you let the weather slow you down, you would never get out of the house.
The big fluffy flakes coming down Tuesday morning reminded me of a story when I was a child in Wisconsin. The teachers told us the big fluffy flakes were Mother Nature shaking out of her feather bed getting ready for spring when plants began to grown and turn green.
Maybe spring is coming to Cottonwood as Roberta has her plants for sale ad in this issue of the Chronicle.
Talking to a farmer yesterday he said the rain and snow so far is helping but we still need more moisture. I have been seeing some green in the fields around town. Hope the seeds planted earlier are growing.
Changes are happening in Cottonwood as the new center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude moves toward completion, St. Mary’s Hospital is giving tours, about one hour, to help see what the hospital has to offer and the services available.
The state GEM team is beginning to work with people in town to reactivate the GEM team here and with the Chamber to address the needs of the communities in the area. CEDA also is adding input to the work as to what they can do to help with projects. What do you think the town needs to work on?
Some of the items looked at 10 years ago were an RV park, larger motel, assisted housing and some facilities for young peoples activities.
May there be spring flowers in your future.

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