Summit Academy names March Virtue winners
Selected as the students who best represented improvement in the area of CONSTANCY, Summit’s chosen virtue for the month of March, were the following students: Summit's March Virtue winners.Senior Shane Wemhoff, junior Jeannie Goeckner, soph Amber Nuxoll, frosh Anna Osborne, 8th grade – Joseph Lustig, 7th grade- Josh Frei, 6th grade – Rachel Wemhoff, 5th grade – Michael Rehder, 4th grade – Tanna Schlader, 3rd grade – Rachel Frei, 2nd grade – Rhett Schlader, 1st grade – Lance Goeckner, and Kindergarten – Tyson Schlader.
The criteria for the constancy award with St. John of the Cross chosen as the saint to imitate during March included attendance data, targeting days in school and tardy records, homework habits, attention in class, and several other factors included. Related to this effort was that made by 39 of Summit’s student body of 100 students who were honored for perfect attendance during the quarter.
April’s saint chosen for imitation is St. Zita who worked diligently all of her life as a maid in her employer’s house in the 13th century, and whose work ethic and selfless, happy manner eventually made her loved by all, and has led many others to accept cheerfully their work lot in life. The virtue? Diligence! All students have been challenged to imitate this lady saint!

Summit's Science Fair results
Summit Academy held their second annual science fair last week, with all students at both the elementary and secondary levels entering very interesting and original entries.Some of the Science Fair exhibits.
Grand prize winners selected by judges were as follows: Senior division – Lauren Chmelik, junior division – Rachel Wemhoff, and Elementary division – Savanah Prigge.
Most creative students announced were: senior division – Maria Osborne, junior division – Brianne Stubbers, and Elementary division – Tanna Schlader.
One of the most interesting exhibits at the fair was a steam engine built from scratch by Senior Mark More Science Fair exhibits.Uhlenkott. Probably like his earlier inventory, Mark’s machine worked well in preliminary trials, but during the fair itself refused to operate. Investigation showed deteriorating seals on the major piston was the culprit, something Mark is attending to remedy for future demonstrations.
Summit would like to thank the following people who helped judge the entries: Greg Uhlenkott and Jennifer Lustig – Elementary division Greg Diess, Percy Roeper, and Cara Duman – Intermediate or junior division Matt Beckman, Sherry Nuxoll, and Julie Sonnen – Senior division.
A large crowd witnessed the exhibits and the demonstrations, with refreshments served later in the evening while winners were being tabulated.

Summit releases third quarter honor roll
Honor roll students for the 3rd quarter were released this week by Summit Academy with the following students named:Summit's High School honor roll students.
High School: Maximum high honors, with perfect “A” or 4.00 averages are: Seniors Dylan Greene, Mark Uhlenkott, and Shane Wemhoff, and Sophomores Amber Nuxoll and Jacob Uhlenkott.
High honors with grade points between 3.75 and 4.00 were juniors Jeannie Goeckner, Maria Osborne, Kelli Shears, Stephen Spencer, and Lauren Wemhoff, and sophomores Alexa Prigge and Cori Wemhoff.
Honors students with grade points from 3.5 to 3.74 included junior Brandon Rehder, and Sophomores Alyssa Frei and Emily Rehder.
No Freshman made the list this quarter though Lauren Chmelik and Anna Osborne could be given honorable mention, just missing the honors category with their average of 3.47.
Summit's Elementary School honor roll students.ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: With all grades averaging a minimum of 93%, the following students were named to the Elementary honor roll lists: Eighth graders Kim Frei, Dustin and Joseph Lustig; Seventh grader Dylan Prigge; Sixth graders Savanah Prigge and Rachel Wemhoff; Fifth graders Nicole Frei, Derek Nuxoll, and Rachel Uhlenkott, and fourth grader – Tanna Schlader. No third grader made the coveted roll this quarter, the last class for which honor roll figures are computed.

Summit hold on to second
There is a time and a place for conservative wagering tactics, and Orofino Monday night, the seventh, Academic League meet of the year, was not the time nor the place. Consequently, Summit’s high school knowledge bowl teams saw their scores surpassed each round, as they entered low wagers, while their number one opponent, Grangeville, went for it all, and bet the max each time.
As a result, Grangeville walked away with their league win of the year, and added a point to their league lead over Summit, giving them a two point margin going into the final meet of the year, to be held at Summit in May.
Mark Uhlenkott, assisted by juniors Kelli Shears, Brandon Rehder, Stephen Spencer, Lauren Wemhoff, and frosh Zach Frei did enter a 40 – point wager after the last round, won it, and finished third for the evening with an excellent score of 365, dropping second place to a Nezperce team whose successful 50 – wager pulled them ahead by five with their final 370. First place went to a Grangeville team with 440.
Seniors Dylan Greene, Ben Kuther, Elaine Rehder, and Shane Wemhoff, with help from Frosh Lynn Rehder were in the thick of the battle all evening, but also sticking with an even more conservative wagering philosophy, finished down the list a ways with their score of 305.
The venture question section following each of the three rounds has proved to be a big challenge as of late. Normally each question is answered only by about a third or a half of the teams contesting, resulting in careful bidding by the teams who know they have points subtracted if they miss the question. At Timberline two meets ago, only one team in the first round entered a correct venture question answer; thus all others throughout the night saw scores reduced. Summit’s philosophy gave them a first place finish that evening, as did the same strategy at Grangeville and Nezperce earlier in the year.
League standings going into the final match at Summit show Grangeville in the lead with 63 points, Summit second with 61, and CV third with their score of 50. The remaining five spots in the league are hotly contested with a point only separating fourth from seventh place.

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